American Society of Echocardiography Cardiovascular Technology and Research Summit : a roadmap for 2020

Auteur(s): Pellikka, Patricia A.; Douglas, Pamela S.; Miller, James G.; Abraham, Theodore P.; Baumann, Rolf; Buxton, Denis B.; Byrd III, Benjamin F.; Chen, Peter Gin-Fu; Cook, Nakela L.; Gardin, Julius M.; Hansen, Gunnar; Houle, Hélène C.; Husson, Stefan; Kaul, S. (Sanjiv); Klein, Allan L.; Lang, Roberto M.; Leong-Poi, Howard; Lopez, Hector; Mahmoud, Tamer M.; Maslak, Sam; McCulloch, Marti L.; Metz, Steve; Nagueh, Sherif F.; Pearlman, Alan S.; Pibarot, Philippe; Picard, Michael H.; Porter, Thomas R.; Prater, David; Rodriguez, Rudy; Enriquez-Sarano, Maurice; Scherrer-Crosbie, Marielle; Shirali, Girish S.; Sinusas, Albert; Slosky, Jack J.; Sugeng, Lissa; Tatpati, Anand; Villanueva, Flordeliza S.; Ramm, Olaf T. von; Weissman, Neil J.; Zamani, Shaun
Résumé: To realize the great potential of ultrasound for improving patient outcomes and offering novel therapy, closer partnerships among scientists, engineers, and those involved with research funding are needed. Improvements in technology, developed with these partnerships, will be necessary to advance 3D echocardiography, deformation imaging, and the quantitative assessment of VHD. Stepwise research studies will advance the development of sonothrombolysis and drug and gene delivery. The development of intelligent software offers the potential to improve the quality and efficiency of echocardiographic examinations.With demonstration of the value, reproducibility, and feasibility of quantitative echocardiographic biomarkers, users can then make the strong argument that echocardiography is a superior technology as a research tool for clinical trials in which large numbers of subjects must be imaged efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely. The leadership of the ASE will discuss the recommendations put forth in this document and formulate an action plan. Research remains an important mission of ASE, and the society must find a way to continue to expand and advance this endeavor to meet the needs of our patients.
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Date de publication: 1 avril 2013
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Ce document a été publié dans: Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography, Vol. 26 (4), 325–338 (2013)
C.V. Mosby
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