Sentiment d'efficacité personnelle à réussir ses études : l'influence des pratiques enseignantes au collégial

Authors: Pelletier, Christine
Advisor: Gaudreau, NancyFrenette, Éric
Abstract: This research uses a quantitative and exploratory approach to advance knowledge about teaching practices that are likely to develop students' self-efficacy to succeed in their studies at the college level. Such practices are especially important because they could influence student stress as well as their academic success. This research has two objectives : 1) to present a portrait of teaching practices likely to influence self-efficacy at the college level as perceived by students and 2) to understand the effects of self-efficacy to succeed in one's studies on the relation between perceived teaching practices and students' stress. To attain the study's first objective, a questionnaire of teaching practices with ten factors was developed. Participants (n = 355) responded to a survey on their cegep's online student platform. A portrait of teaching practices as perceived by students was created and linked to their sociodemographic factors. First, the presence of perceived teaching practices in classroom environments is variable. Additionally, older students and those enrolled in technical programs tend to agree that these practices are more present in their classrooms. Pertaining to the second objective of this research, there is a current lack of knowledge about relations between the three aforementioned variables. Based on the chosen theoretical and conceptual frameworks, it is expected that self-efficacy will have an effect on the relation between teaching practices and students' stress. Results show that stress levels are influenced by self-efficacy to succeed in one's studies, instructors' fear appeals and participants' gender. Self-efficacy to succeed in one's studies is explained by four types of teaching practices: learning challenges and choice of tasks, modeling by the instructor and other models, efficacy appeals, and positive relationships. This thesis innovates on the social and scientific levels. On the social level, increasing rates of psychological distress in postsecondary students call for more attention from teachers. As the front-line actors in schools, teachers can make a difference by selecting teaching practices likely to impact both students' mental health and academic success. On the scientific level, the questionnaire developed as part of this doctoral research increases our knowledge about teaching practices that are likely to develop students' self-efficacy to succeed in their studies and their presence in Quebec cegeps.
Document Type: Thèse de doctorat
Issue Date: 2022
Open Access Date: 18 July 2022
Grantor: Université Laval
Collection:Thèses et mémoires

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