Interviews with family caregivers of older adults : their experiences of care and the integration of assistive technology in care

Auteur(s): Beaudoin, Maude; Atoyebi, Oladele A.; Mortenson, W. Ben; Auger, Claudine; Demers, Louise; Wister, Andrew; Plante, Michelle; Routhier, François
Résumé: BACKGROUND: Consequences related to caregiving are multidimensional. Ways to reduce burden should be investigated, such as the use of assistive technology (AT). AT can decrease family caregiver burden, but there are multiple barriers to their uptake. A mixed-method project was launched to understand the needs of family caregivers and how could technology provide support. This study draws from qualitative data of this project. OBJECTIVE: To understand the experience of care provision and the integration of AT in the care provided by family caregivers. METHODS: Participants had to have provided care to an older adult or be an older adult providing care. Data collection consisted of semi-structured interviews on the caregiving situation and use of AT. A thematic content analysis was conducted. RESULTS: Fifty-nine family caregivers were recruited. Three main themes were identified: ‘Responsibilities of Caregiving’ described that family caregivers assisted in all areas of their care recipient’s life. ‘Caregivers’ Challenges and Rewards’ portrayed the challenges experienced by family caregivers and identified positive caregiving activities. ‘Strategies to Address Responsibilities and Challenges’ illustrated two main strategies to face challenges: sharing caring and using AT. CONCLUSION: The variability in care provision and challenges encountered should be taken into consideration when developing AT.
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Date de publication: 5 août 2020
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Ce document a été publié dans: Technology and disability, Vol. 32 (3), 199-209 (2020)
IOS Press
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