Novel genetic loci associated with the plasma triglyceride response to an omega-3 fatty acid supplementation

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dc.contributor.authorCormier, Hubert-
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dc.description.abstractA recent genome-wide association study (GWAS) by our group identified 13 loci associated with the plasma triglyceride (TG) response to omega-3 (n-3) fatty acid (FA) supplementation. This study aimed to test whether single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) within the IQCJ, NXPH1, PHF17 and MYB genes are associated with the plasma TG response to an n-3 FA supplementation. Methods: A total of 208 subjects followed a 6-week n-3 FA supplementation of 5 g/day of fish oil (1.9-2.2 g of eicosapentaenoic acid and 1.1 g of docosahexaenoic acid). Measurements of plasma lipids were made before and after the supplementation. Sixty-seven tagged SNPs were selected to increase the density of markers near GWAS hits. Results: In a repeated model, independent effects of the genotype and the gene-supplementation interaction were associated with plasma TG. Genotype effects were observed with two SNPs of NXPH1, and gene-diet interactions were observed with ten SNPs of IQCJ, four SNPs of NXPH1 and three SNPs of MYB. Positive and negative responders showed different genotype frequencies with nine SNPs of IQCJ, two SNPs of NXPH1 and two SNPs of MYB. Conclusion: Fine mapping in GWAS-associated loci allowed the identification of SNPs partly explaining the large interindividual variability observed in plasma TG levels in response to an n-3 FA
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dc.titleNovel genetic loci associated with the plasma triglyceride response to an omega-3 fatty acid supplementationfr
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dcterms.bibliographicCitationJournal of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics, Vol. 9, 1-11 (2016)fr
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