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4 April 2016Effects of design features of explicit values clarification methods : a systematic reviewWitteman, Holly; Gavaruzzi, Teresa; Scherer, Laura; Pieterse, Arwen H; Fuhrel-Forbis, Andrea; Chipenda, Selma; Exe, Nicole; Kahn, Valerie C; Col, Nananda; Turgeon-Fournier, Alexis; Fagerlin, AngelaArticle de rechercheOpen access
15 January 1988Promotion of growth and differentiation of rat ductular oval cells in primary cultureGermain, Lucie; Noël, Micheline; Gourdeau, Henriette; Marceau, NormandArticle de rechercheUpon request
24 October 2017Metal mobility during hydrothermal breakdown of Fe-Ti oxides : insights from Sb-Au mineralizing event (Variscan Armorican Massif, France)Pochon, Anthony; Beaudoin, Georges; Branquet, Yannick; Boulvais, Philippe; Gloaguen, Éric; Gapais, D.Article de rechercheTemporarily restricted
1 April 1993Improvement of human keratinocyte isolation and culture using thermolysinGermain, Lucie; Rouabhia, Mahmoud; Guignard, Rina; Carrier, LindaArticle de rechercheUpon request
1 March 1993In vitro construction of a human blood vessel from cultured vascular cells : a morphologic studyL'Heureux, Nicolas; Germain, Lucie; Labbé, Raymond; Auger, François A.Article de rechercheUpon request
1 August 1994Human wound healing fibroblasts have greater contractile properties than dermal fibroblastsGermain, Lucie; Jean, Andréa; Auger, François A.; Garrel, Dominique A.Article de rechercheUpon request
1 August 1993Cultured epithelium allografts : langerhans cell and Thy-1+ dendritic epidermal cell depletion effects on allograft rejectionRouabhia, Mahmoud; Germain, Lucie; Bélanger, François; Auger, François A.Article de rechercheUpon request
1 January 1992Influence of dermal equivalent maturation on the development of a cultured skin equivalentDefrance-Bouvard, Véronique; Germain, Lucie; Rompré, Pierre; Roy, Brigitte; Auger, François A.Article de rechercheUpon request
14 April 2005Role and innocuity of Tisseel ®, a tissue glue, in the grafting process and in vivo evolution of human cultured epidermisAuger, François A.; Guignard, Rina; López Valle, Carlos Antonio; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheUpon request
1 January 1992Modèle chirurgical murin pour l'étude des greffons cultivésLópez-Vallé, Carlos Antonio; Germain, Lucie; Auger, François A.Article de rechercheUpon request
23 October 2017Towards a decision support tool for 3D visualisation : application to selectivity purpose of single object in a 3D city sceneNeuville, Romain; Pouliot, Jacynthe; Poux, Florent; Hallot, Pierre; Rudder, Laurent de; Billen, RolandArticle de rechercheOpen access
26 October 2017Women’s perceptions of usefulness and ease of use of four healthy eating blog characteristics : a qualitative study of 33 French-Canadian womenBissonnette-Maheux, Véronique; Dumas, Audrée-Anne; Provencher, Véronique; Lapointe, Annie; Dugrenier, Marilyn; Straus, Sharon; Gagnon, Marie-Pierre; Desroches, SophieArticle de rechercheUpon request
19 August 2016Postmenopausal women with abdominal obesity choosing a nutritional approach for weight loss: A decisional needs assessmentPoirier, Nadine; Légaré, France; Stacey, Dawn; Lemieux, Simone; Bégin, Catherine; Lapointe, Annie; Desroches, SophieArticle de rechercheUpon request
2 November 2016A systematic review of the effect of yogurt consumption on chronic diseases risk markers in adultsDumas, Audrée-Anne; Lapointe, Annie; Dugrenier, Marilyn; Provencher, Véronique; Lamarche, Benoît; Desroches, SophieArticle de rechercheUpon request
23 March 2017A comparative content analysis of vegetarian food blogs written by registered dietitians and non- registered dietitiansDumas, Audrée-Anne; Lemieux, Simone; Lapointe, Annie; Dugrenier, Marilyn; Desroches, SophieArticle de rechercheUpon request
21 May 2014Psychosocial factors and intention to use the nutrition care process among dietitians and dietetic internsDesroches, Sophie; Lapointe, Annie; Galibois, Isabelle; Deschênes, Sarah-Maude; Gagnon, PierreArticle de rechercheUpon request
1 April 2010Pouvoir pastoral, normalisation et soins infirmiers : une analyse foucaldienneMartin, PatrickArticle de rechercheOpen access
11 May 2017From CNTNAP2 to early expressive language in infancy : the mediation role of rapid auditory processingRiva, Valentina; Cantiani, Chiara; Benasich, April; Molteni, Massimo; Piazza, Caterina; Giorda, Roberto; Dionne, Ginette; Marino, CeciliaArticle de rechercheTemporarily restricted
-Working memory mediates the effects of gestational age at birth on expressive language development in childrenRiva, Valentina; Cantiani, Chiara; Dionne, Ginette; Marini, Andrea; Mascheretti, Sara; Molteni, Massimo; Marino, CeciliaArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 August 2013Présentation : Média, fans et sacré : un sentiment néoreligieux, à la recherche d’une institutionJoly-Corcoran, Marc; Mauger, VincentArticle de synthèseOpen access
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1921