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3 November 2009Examining maladaptive beliefs about sleep across insomnia patient groupsCarney, Colleen; Edinger, Jack D.; Morin, Charles M.; Manber, Rachel; Rybarczyk, Bruce; Stepanski, Edward J.; Wright, Helen; Lack, LeonArticle de rechercheOpen access
7 May 2009The use of natural products for sleep: A common practice?Sánchez-Ortuño, M. Montserrat; Bélanger, Lynda; Ivers, Hans; LeBlanc, Mélanie; Morin, Charles M.Article de rechercheOpen access
1 August 2009Incidence and risk factors of insomnia in a population-based sampleLeBlanc, Mélanie; Mérette, Chantal; Savard, Josée; Ivers, Hans; Baillargeon, Lucie; Morin, Charles M.Article de rechercheOpen access
30 December 2008Characteristics of individuals with insomnia who seek treatment in a clinical setting versus those who volunteer for a randomized controlled trialDavidson, Judith R.; Aimé, Annie; Ivers, Hans; Morin, Charles M.Article de rechercheOpen access
1 March 2014Gene–environment interplay in the link of friends’ and non-friends’ behaviors with children’s social reticence in a competitive situationGuimond, Fanny-Alexandra; Brendgen, Mara; Vitaro, Frank; Forget-Dubois, Nadine; Dionne, Ginette; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Boivin, MichelArticle de rechercheOpen access
4 May 2011Salivary cortisol levels are associated with resource control in a competitive situation in 19 month-old boysPlusquellec, Pierrich; Ouellet-Morin, Isabelle; Feng, Bei; Pérusse, Daniel; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Lupien, Sonia; Boivin, MichelArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 April 2009Insomnia and its relationship to health-care utilization, work absenteeism, productivity and accidentsDaley, Meagan; Morin, Charles M.; LeBlanc, Mélanie; Grégoire, Jean-Pierre; Savard, Josée; Baillargeon, LucieArticle de rechercheOpen access
27 July 2018Juste part, boycott et loi spéciale : le cadrage gouvernemental d’un printemps de crise socialeGiasson, Thierry; Dubois, PhilippeArticle de rechercheUpon request
-Assessing the impacts of school entrepreneurial initiatives : a quasi-experiment at the elementary school levelPepin, Matthias; St-Jean, ÉtienneArticle de rechercheTemporarily restricted
7 March 2018Early developmental trajectories of number knowledge and math achievement from 4 to 10 years : low-persistent profile and early-life predictorsGaron-Carrier, Gabrielle; Boivin, Michel; Lemelin, Jean-Pascal; Kovas, Yulia; Parent, Sophie; Séguin, Jean R.; Vitaro, Frank; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Dionne, GinetteArticle de rechercheTemporarily restricted
16 July 2009Gene-environment interplay between peer rejection and depressive behavior in childrenBrendgen, Mara Rosemarie; Vitaro, Frank; Boivin, Michel; Girard, Alain; Bukowski, William M.; Dionne, Ginette; Tremblay, Richard E.; Pérusse, DanielArticle de rechercheOpen access
19 June 2017Does cortisol moderate the environmental association between peer victimization and depression symptoms? : a genetically informed twin studyBrendgen, Mara; Ouellet-Morin, Isabelle; Lupien, Sonia; Vitaro, Frank; Dionne, Ginette; Boivin, MichelArticle de rechercheOpen access
11 January 2018Longitudinal links between gambling participation and academic performance in youth : a test of four modelsVitaro, Frank; Brendgen, Mara Rosemarie; Girard, Alain; Dionne, Ginette; Boivin, MichelArticle de rechercheTemporarily restricted
16 January 2012Social experiences in kindergarten and academic achievement in grade 1 : a monozygotic twin difference studyVitaro, Frank; Boivin, Michel; Brendgen, Mara; Girard, Alain; Dionne, GinetteArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 February 2013Do other people's plights matter? a genetically informed twin study of the role of social context in the link between peer victimization and children's aggression and depression symptoms.Brendgen, Mara Rosemarie; Vitaro, Frank; Barker, Edward D.; Girard, Alain; Dionne, Ginette; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Boivin, MichelArticle de rechercheOpen access
26 November 2018The governance of Syrian refugees in Turkey : the state-capital nexus and its discontentsBélanger, Danièle; Saraçoğlu, CenkArticle de rechercheUpon request
15 November 2018The evolution of Sino-Russian relations as seen from Moscow : the limits of strategic rapprochementAlexeeva, Olga V.; Lasserre, FrédéricArticle de rechercheTemporarily restricted
28 March 2018Childhood irritability and depressive/anxious mood profiles, and adolescent suicidal ideation/attempt : a population-based cohort studyOrri, Massimiliano; Galèra, Cédric; Turecki, Gustavo; Forte, Alberto; Renaud, Johanne; Boivin, Michel; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Côté, Sylvana; Geoffroy, Marie-ClaudeArticle de rechercheTemporarily restricted
20 November 2017Does shyness interact with peer group affiliation in predicting substance use in adolescence?Lemyre, Alexandre; Poliakova, Natalia; Vitaro, Frank; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Boivin, Michel; Bélanger, Richard E.Article de rechercheOpen access
29 December 2016Phenotypic and genetic associations between reading and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder dimensions in adolescencePlourde, Vickie; Boivin, Michel; Brendgen, Mara Rosemarie; Dionne, GinetteArticle de rechercheOpen access
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2620