Polymorphisms, de novo lipogenesis, and plasma triglyceride response following fish oil supplementation

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dc.contributor.authorBouchard-Mercier, Annie-
dc.contributor.authorRudkowska, Iwona-
dc.contributor.authorLemieux, Simone-
dc.contributor.authorCouture, Patrick-
dc.contributor.authorVohl, Marie-Claude-
dc.description.abstractInterindividual variability in the response of plasma triglyceride concentrations (TG) following fi sh oil consumption has been observed. Our objective was to examine the associations between single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) within genes encoding proteins involved in de novo lipogenesis and the relative change in plasma TG levels following a fi sh oil supplementation. Two hundred and eight participants were recruited in the greater Quebec City area. The participants completed a six-week fi sh oil supplementation (5 g fi sh oil/day: 1.9–2.2 g eicosapentaenoic acid and 1.1 g docosahexaenoic acid. SNPs within SREBF1, ACLY, and ACACA genes were genotyped using TAQMAN methodology. After correction for multiple comparison, only two SNPs, rs8071753 ( ACLY) and rs1714987 ( ACACA), were associated with the relative change in plasma TG concentrations ( P = 0.004 and P = 0.005, respectively). These two SNPs explained 7.73% of the variance in plasma TG relative change following fi sh oil consumption. Genotype frequencies of rs8071753 according to the TG response groups (responders versus nonresponders) were different ( P = 0.02). We conclude that the presence of certain SNPs within genes, such as ACLY and ACACA, encoding proteins involved in de novo lipogenesis seem to infl uence the plasma TG response following fi sh oil consumption.fr
dc.publisherRockefeller Institute Pressfr
dc.subjectOmega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acidsfr
dc.subjectFatty acid biosynthesisfr
dc.subjectInterindividual variabilityfr
dc.titlePolymorphisms, de novo lipogenesis, and plasma triglyceride response following fish oil supplementationfr
dc.typeCOAR1_1::Texte::Périodique::Revue::Contribution à un journal::Article::Article de recherchefr
dcterms.bibliographicCitationJournal of lipid research, Vol. 54 (10), 2866-2873 (2013)fr
dc.subject.rvmAcides gras oméga 3fr
dc.subject.rvmHuiles de poissonfr
dc.subject.rvmPolymorphisme de nucléotide simplefr
dc.subject.rvmLipides -- Synthèsefr
dc.subject.rvmFacteurs de transcription SREBPfr
dc.subject.rvmAcétyl-CoA carboxylasefr
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