Architecture Ambiantale : définir le rôle de l'eau dans l'expérience esthétique des ambiances sensibles en architecture

Authors: Brais Sioui, Gregory
Advisor: White, Jacques
Abstract: As part of an aesthetic approach, this design-driven research crosses two methodologies to determine what is common in the perception of atmospheres. First, a case study led to the identification of ambiance's generators. These generators were used as an input into a creative process leading to the design of an architectural project. In a more detailed way, five different atmospheres present in the Vals' thermal baths were analysed in the book L'Eau et les rêves by Gaston Bachelard. This bachelardian bezel, that of the oneiric images of matter, served to identify some common generators of sensitive atmospheres. The literary symbols explained by Bachelard resonate in the water contained in the massive stone walls of Vals. Secondly, the construction of this dialogue between Gaston Bachelard and Peter Zumthor leads to the development of a Scotch whiskey tasting path through a deliberately emotional architecture that introduces the elements that generate ambience, identified with the case study, as formants of the sensitive atmosphere. This design-driven research is therefore based on Grégoire Chelkoff's theory of formants as vectors of transmission of atmosphere, pre-existing to the experience of a place, of an ambiance, which itself is understood as a sensitive result of the perception of the space. The present work therefore questions the role of water as a sensitive vector, from the architecture to its visitor. The goal is to determine how water, in varying manifestations, can be used by architects to create a “mise en scène” for a voluntarily emotional architecture.
Document Type: Mémoire de maîtrise
Issue Date: 2020
Open Access Date: 14 February 2020
Grantor: Université Laval
Collection:Thèses et mémoires

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