Trois essais sur les liens entre le port et son territoire environnant : le cas du Québec

Authors: Gbenyo, Koffi
Advisor: Dubé, Jean
Other Title(s): 3 essais sur les liens entre le port et son territoire environnant
Abstract: This thesis investigates the relations between ports and their economic environment. It is written in three chapters that offer a gradation.The first chapter seeks to identify the geographical territories, formed by circles of variable radii around the ports as centers, within which the value of a bunch of indicators remain stable. This first step identifies the scale over which the results of analyses using those indicators vary less. To achieve this goal, econometric analyses are used through parameters stability testing. The results reveal a territory defined over a range of radii between 4,000m and 4,500m. The second chapter presents first the principal functions of the ports of the province of Quebec based on their activities, and then a classification of these ports using a statistical classification based on the ports’ activities, and on the economic activities located within 4,250m around these ports. The groups (of both typologies) obtained are compared, in order to verify whether (or not) the business landscape of these (groups of) ports reflects their main activities. The results show that the activities of ports that belong to the rural and metropolitan categories of ports have landscape reflecting their main activities, which is not the case for the majority of ports. Consequently, one could hardly simplify the economic reality of the ports’ neighbourhood to the activities of the incumbent ports. The third chapter uses correlation analysis to study the relationship between the growth of the ports’ activities and the growth of their surrounding economic activities from different industrial sectors. It verifies whether (or not) the growth of these activities is statistically associated, and (whether or not) the eventual resulting associations are positive. The results show that the growth of the ports’ activities is only followed by the growth of jobs in the manufacturing sector around the ports.
Document Type: Thèse de doctorat
Issue Date: 2019
Open Access Date: 9 January 2020
Grantor: Université Laval
Collection:Thèses et mémoires

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