Valorisation d'un résidu industriel pour la production d'hydrogène par un procédé intensifié de vaporeformage du glycérol

Authors: Aissaoui, Mustapha
Advisor: Iliuta, Maria-Cornélia
Abstract: CO2 capture is, nowadays, a widely discussed subject as it helps reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. It can also intensify steam reforming processes through the use of high-temperature sorbents, in order to produce high purity hydrogen in a single step (sorption-enhanced steam reforming, SESR). Among the solid sorbents used in this process, those based on CaO have shown good results. However, the agglomeration of sorbent particles (sintering) during the cyclic operation carbonation/regeneration makes their use difficult at an industrial scale. The addition of inert compounds to the sorbent is one of the strategies used to increase its stability. The main objective of this work is the valorization of a metallurgical waste called UGS oxide (UGSO), in order to develop a hybrid sorbent-catalyst material for application in the production of hydrogen with high purity by SESR of glycerol. Several samples with different UGSO/CaO ratios were synthesized and tested to evaluate the efficiency of UGSO in thesorbent stabilization. The experiments were performed using an intelligent gravimetric analyzer (IGA, Hiden Isochema). For all samples, a better stability was obtained in the presence of UGSO. The results showed that the sorbent containing 10 wt.% UGSO achieved the best stability with a CaO conversion of 76% at the 18th carbonation/regeneration cycle compared to 55% for pure CaO (limestone) tested under the same conditions. This optimal UGSO/CaO ratio was then used to prepare a hybrid sorbent-catalyst material and its performance was tested in the SESR of glycerol. The results showed the production of hydrogen with high purity (97%) and yield (96%). The results obtained in this master thesis can contribute to the optimization of the sorption enhanced steam glycerol reforming process.
Document Type: Mémoire de maîtrise
Issue Date: 2019
Open Access Date: 29 November 2019
Grantor: Université Laval
Collection:Thèses et mémoires

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