EDS integrated approach for sustainability (EDS-IA) : campus as a living laboratory experience

Authors: Diaz, LilianaPotvin, André
Edited by: Walter, Leal Filho
Salvia, Amanda Lange
Pretorius, Rudi W.
Brandli, Luciana Londero
Manolas, Evangelos
Alves, Fátima
Azeiteiro, Ulisses
Rogers, Judy
Shiel, Chris
Do Paco, Arminda
Abstract: Since 2016, InstitutEDSisdevelopinga new integrated approachto facilitatecollaborationsbetween different disciplines and to reinforce the developmentofpractical skills and key competencies needed tosolve concrete sustainable development problems: the EDS-IA. It aims to contribute to theacceleration ofthetransition to a closed and cyclic development system, building on the most recent knowledge mobilization frameworks in the field: the concept of Planetary Boundaries,the concept of Social Floor,the Sustainable Development Goals, Key Competencies in Sustainability and Multilevel Governance. Despite the broad consensus and the robustness of the scientific knowledge underlying all these frameworks, they are not sufficiently known beyond their own field of knowledge. In order to facilitate their diffusion and their appropriation by all the disciplines and actors concerned with the transition to sustainability, EDS-IA integrates themin a diagram as a tool that can be adapted todifferent development challenge in different contexts. During itsfirst year of implementation (2016-2017), researchers and student members of the Instituteparticipated in a series of major co-creation activitiesalong withstaff university members, governmental organizations as well as representatives of civil society. They made a diagnosisof the sustainable status of the campus and imaginedinnovating solutions for a “Campus as a living laboratory” through operations, teaching, research, and community services. In the second year (2017-2018), the transfer of the EDS-IA started through similar workshops with a university partner in Senegal(UADB). This paper presents the theoretical and methodological frameworksof the EDS-IAand the results of the first two years during which universities have been imagined as living laboratories for SDG promotion and implementation.
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Issue Date: 1 May 2019
Open Access Date: 1 May 2021
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This document was published in: Universities as living labs for sustainable development : supporting the implementation of the sustainable development goals
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Alternative version: 10.1007/978-3-030-15604-6
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