Hypothesis : a role for fragile XMental retardation protein in mediating and relieving microRNA-guided translational repression?

Auteur(s): Plante, IsabelleProvost, Patrick
Résumé: MicroRNA (miRNA)-guided messenger RNA (mRNA) translational repression is believed to be mediated by effector miRNA-containing ribonucleoprotein (miRNP) complexes harboring fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP). Recent studies documented the nucleic acid chaperone properties of FMRP and characterized its role and importance in RNA silencing in mammalian cells. We propose a model in which FMRP could facilitate miRNA assembly on target mRNAs in a process involving recognition of G quartet structures. Functioning within a duplex miRNP, FMRP may also mediate mRNA targeting through a strand exchange mechanism, in which the miRNA* of the duplex is swapped for the mRNA. Furthermore, FMRP may contribute to the relief of miRNA-guided mRNA repression through a reverse strand exchange reaction, possibly initiated by a specific cellular signal, that would liberate the mRNA for translation. Suboptimal utilization of miRNAs may thus account for some of themolecular defects in patients with the fragile X syndrome.
Type de document: Article de recherche
Date de publication: 1 août 2006
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Ce document a été publié dans: Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, Vol. 2006 (4), (2006)
Autre version disponible: 10.1155/JBB/2006/16806.
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