Regulatory RNAs : future perspectives in diagnosis, prognosis, and individualized therapy

Auteur(s): Perron, MarjorieBoissonneault, VincentGobeil, Lise-AndréeOuellet, DominiqueProvost, Patrick
Résumé: With potentially up to 1000 microRNAs (miRNAs) present in the human genome, altogether regulating the expression of thousands of genes, one can anticipate that miRNAs will play a significant role in health and disease. Deregulated protein expression induced by a dysfunctional miRNA-based regulatory system is thus expected to lead to the development of serious, if not lethal, genetic diseases. A relationship among miRNAs, Dicer, and cancer has recently been suggested. Further investigations will help establish specific causal links between dysfunctional miRNAs and diseases. miRNAs of foreign origin, e.g., viruses, may also be used as specific markers of viral infections. In these cases, miRNA expression profiles could represent a powerful diagnostic tool. Regulatory RNAs may also have therapeutic applications, by which disease-causing genes or viral miRNAs could be neutralized, or functional miRNAs be restored. Will bedside miRNA expression profiling eventually assist physicians in providing patients with accurate diagnosis, personalized therapy, and treatment outcome?
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Date de publication: 1 janvier 2007
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Ce document a été publié dans: Target Discovery and Validation Reviews and Protocols; Publié dans : Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 361.
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