Implication des parents et des enseignants : quel lien avec la réussite scolaire des élèves du primaire?

Authors: Arapi, Enkeleda
Advisor: Pagé, Pierre
Abstract: The general objective of this thesis is to study the forms of parental and teacher involvement in the school-family-community relationship and the impact of these forms on primary school achievement.. More specifically, it consists of three objectives, which correspond to the three articles of the thesis. The first objective, discussed in the first article, is the theoretical study of the links between the forms of parental involvement (IMPP), the socio-economic status of the family (SES), and the student's academic success. This objective is achieved through a metasynthesis based on the examination of meta-analyzes, the aim here being to identify the links that research has so far established between these three variables, parental involvement (IMPP), academic achievement and socio-economic status of the family (SES), taking into account the methodological difficulties of their study. In particular, the analysis found that different definitions of IMPP, SES, and success measurement tools contribute to differences in the outcomes of studies with respect to the impact of parental involvement on student achievement. The second objective of this thesis is to study the forms of IMPP from the SES of the family, the forms of teacher involvement (IMPE) and to identify the links with the achievements of primary school children. The reference frame is that of the bio-ecological model of Bronfenbrenner (1979) and the model of the shared influence of Epstein (2009). These two models allow the study of IMPP and IMPE from the activities of parents and teachers, the roles of parents and teachers, and interpersonal relationships. To do this, a quantitative approach was adopted. The study sample consisted of 239 students and parents, and 46 teachers. The results show that the forms of the IMPP, such as school-family communication and learning at home, are favored by the parents and at the same time that they do promote success. The study also confirms that the feeling of parental competence is an important vector in motivating parents to get involved in school and at home. Moreover, the results show that parents' education influences the success and the choice of the parents to get involved with their children more than family income. On the other hand, this study explores the forms of IMPE by asking the teachers what it actually put in place to solicit parental involvement at school and at home. For example, teachers promote family-school communication and information for home learning, which the goal of enabling parents to better help children at home. However, while the findings did not clearly reveal which forms of IMPE support success, this study helped to advance knowledge about the teachers’ role and actions in soliciting parent collaboration. The third objective aims at identifying the forms of IMPP and IMPE from the discourses of parents and teachers, and the strengths and weaknesses in the relationship between the actors. To do so, a qualitative approach was favored, using a sample of 14 primary teachers and 45 parents from 7 primary schools in the national capital, Québec. The results revealed the convergence in the forms of the IMPP and the IMPE as school-family communication and home studying. Moreover, by confronting the reasons, expectations and perceptions of the actors, the results revealed that the main reason for their motivation is the student's success. Generally, parents and teachers are sensitive to the same difficulties that surround their relationship: the distance between school and family, the lack of communication, the loss of parent's confidence in the teacher, lack of time etc. The partners recognized that the climate is generally conducive to collaboration. However, the strengths and weaknesses that emerged from the actors' discourse made it possible to nuance and better understand the tensions surrounding the relationship between parents and teachers.
Document Type: Thèse de doctorat
Issue Date: 2017
Open Access Date: 24 April 2018
Grantor: Université Laval
Collection:Thèses et mémoires

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