Identification de facteurs de régulation du VIH-1 chez les macrophages humains

Authors: Breton, Yann
Advisor: Tremblay, Michel J.
Abstract: Upon exposure to HIV-1, only a small proportion of macrophages are infected whereas most remain uninfected. It is proposed that these cells play an important role in the establishment and propagation of HIV-1 infection. To further our knowledge in this field, transcriptomic and proteomic comparative analyses of uninfected and HIV-1-infected MDMs (Monocyte-derived macrophages) were performed. These analyses led to the selection of 50 genes that were tested for their functional roles in HIV-1 replication by siRNA screen. Eight genes were identified as regulators of HIV-1 infection in MDMs, but only MDM2 acted as a susceptibility factor. The knockdown of MDM2 decreased HIV-1 expression by two folds. Our results indicate that the resistance to HIV-1 upon MDM2 silencing is maintained in MDMs even if MDM2 mRNA level is restored, thus suggesting that this protein might be indirectly involved in HIV-1 infection. Identification of viral cofactors regulated by MDM2 will bring a new understanding of signaling events controlling HIV-1 replication in macrophages.
Document Type: Mémoire de maîtrise
Issue Date: 2016
Open Access Date: 24 April 2018
Grantor: Université Laval
Collection:Thèses et mémoires

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