Couts et bénéfices de l'association post-sevrage chez la chèvre de montagne (Oreamnos americanus)

Authors: Charest, Karina
Advisor: Côté, Steeve D.
Abstract: The costs and benefits of parental care have been largely demonstrated during the lactation and offspring growth periods, but rarely after weaning. To better understand the effects of post-weaning parental care, we examined post-weaning associations in a population of mountain goats (Oreamnos americanus) monitored for > 25 years. We assessed the effect of maternal characteristics and population size on the occurrence and frequency of post-weaning associations and investigated potential reproductive costs and benefits for mothers and juveniles aged 1 to 3 years old. Barren mothers associated more frequently with yearlings than summer yeld mothers, and lactating mothers, whereas the occurrence of associations was higher for 2-year females than 2-year males. A higher association index with 2-year-olds increased the probability that a mother would be barren the following year. We did not detect benefits of associations on the short-term growth and survival of associated juveniles. Post-weaning associations induced reproductive costs for mothers, which exacerbated as associated juveniles aged.
Document Type: Mémoire de maîtrise
Issue Date: 2016
Open Access Date: 23 April 2018
Grantor: Université Laval
Collection:Thèses et mémoires

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