Épidémie du VIH en Guinée : prévalence, facteurs de risque associés et tendances 2001 à 2007 dans les principaux groupes à haut risque : éléments de classification

Authors: Diallo, Bassirou Labico
Advisor: Alary, Michel; Rashed, Sélim
Abstract: Objectives: To estimate HIV prevalence, its associations with potential risk factors, and trends from 2001 to 2007, and to describe vulnerability among commercial sex-workers (CSWs) as well as among their potential clients who were truck-drivers, military army and miners from all over the country of Guinea, West Africa. Methods: 339 CSWs and 954 potential clients in 2001, 598 and 3401 respectively in 2007 were interviewed then tested for HIV over all the country. Data were analysed by multivariate log-binomial regression. Results: Among CSWs, HIV prevalence (40.7% in 2001 and 34.5% in 2007; p=0.15) was associated with illiteracy [(Prevalence Ratio noted PR)=1.41; p=0.02 in 2001 and PR=1.28; p=0.03 in 2007) and with sexually transmitted diseases [ (STDs); PR=1.89; p=0.001 in 2001]. HIV prevalence among potential clients (varying from 4.5% to 7.0% in 2001 and from 5.2% to 6.4% in 2007) was positively associated once at least, with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), alcohol consumption, declaring paying sexual partners and negatively, with reported capacity of restraining from risky sexual intercourse. Trends of indicators analysed were together not favourable for controlling epidemic with the exception of those observed among among CSWs. Conclusion: HIV prevalence was very high and strongly concentrated among CSWs and their potential clients, relatively to data obtained observed in the general population of Guinea. Sexually active networks were also observed, as well as more vulnerable sub-groups among illiterate CSWs and among potential clients who were alcohol consumers, or who declared STD symptoms. Reinforcement of prevention targeting specific sub-groups is needed.
Document Type: Thèse de doctorat
Issue Date: 2011
Open Access Date: 17 April 2018
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11794/22375
Grantor: Université Laval
Collection:Thèses et mémoires

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