Innovating in a crisis : Canadian media actors assess the state of convergence

Auteur(s): Brin, Colette; Soderlund, Walter C.
Résumé: Our content analysis conducted in 2007 revealed little evidence of convergence practices in television networks and newspapers owned by Canwest Global, CTVglobemedia, and Quebecor. In 2009 and early 2010, we interviewed executives and journalists of the media groups studied, as well as other stakeholders, to assess the current situation and speculate about the future of convergence in Canada. Respondents generally acknowledged that TV/print newsroom integration had not succeeded and that future convergence efforts would focus on delivering content online and developing a viable economic model for news production. Respondents offered diverse perceptions of conventional media’s ability to reinvent and sustain themselves as the principal news sources for Canadians. Emerging models include the development of a corporate news service, specialization in certain topic areas, and crossmedia collaboration.
Type de document: Article de recherche
Date de publication: 1 décembre 2010
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Ce document a été publié dans: Canadian Journal of Communication, Vol. 35 (4), 575–583 (2010)
Canadian Journal of Communication
Autre version disponible: 10.22230/cjc.2010v35n4a2380
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