Harvesting the potential of the human umbilical cord : isolation and characterisation of four cell types for tissue engineering applications

Authors: Hayward, Cindy JeanFradette, JulieGalbraith, ToddRémy-Zolghadri, MurielleGuignard, RinaGauvin, RobertGermain, LucieAuger, François A.
Abstract: The human umbilical cord (UC) has attracted interest as a source of cells for many research applications. UC solid tissues contain four cell types: epithelial, stromal, smooth muscle and endothelial cells. We have developed a unique protocol for the sequential extraction of all four cell types from a single UC, allowing tissue reconstruction using multiple cell types from the same source. By combining perfusion, immersion and explant techniques, all four cell types have been successfully expanded in monolayer cultures. We have also characterised epithelial and Wharton’s jelly cells (WJC) by immunolabelling of specific proteins. Epithelial cell yields averaged at 2.3 × 105 cells per centimetre UC, and the cells expressed an unusual combination of keratins typical of simple, mucous and stratified epithelia. Stromal cells in the Wharton’s jelly expressed desmin, α-smooth muscle actin, elastin, keratins (K12, K16, K18 and K19), vimentin and collagens. Expression patterns in cultured cells resembled those found in situ except for basement membrane components and type III collagen. These stromal cells featured a sustained proliferation rate up to passage 12 after thawing. The mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) character of the WJC was confirmed by their expression of typical MSC surface markers and by adipogenic and osteogenic differentiation assays. To emphasise and demonstrate their potential for regenerative medicine, UC cell types were successfully used to produce human tissue-engineered constructs. Both bilayered stromal/epithelial and vascular substitutes were produced, establishing the versatility and importance of these cells for research and therapeutic applications.
Document Type: Article de recherche
Issue Date: 5 September 2012
Open Access Date: Restricted access
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Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11794/16841
This document was published in: Cells Tissues Organs, Vol. 197 (1), 37–54 (2013)
S. Karger AG
Alternative version: 10.1159/000341254
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