Tissue Engineering of Cornea

Authors: Germain, LucieGiasson, Claude-J.Carrier, PatrickGuérin, SylvainSalesse, ChristianAuger, François A.
Abstract: The cornea is the transparent barrier between the eye and the environment. Tissue-engineered corneas are currently developed to replace wounded or diseased corneas. Various experimental applications are also foreseen for these tissues reconstructed in vitro by tissue engineering. This article covers the first human corneas reconstructed by tissue engineering from normal human cells and the different models used for the production of human and animal corneas in vitro. Corneal injury and the activation of the complex wound«hea]ing mechanisms are also addressed. Finally, we will attempt to provide the reader with a brief look toward the future of corneal tissue engineering, including the challenges that lie ahead as well as the potential experimental and clinical applications of this field.
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Issue Date: 23 June 2004
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This document was published in: Encyclopedia of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
Marcel Dekker
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