Tendons and ligaments

Authors: Goulet, FrancineGermain, LucieRancourt, DenisCaron, Charlotte; Normand, Albert; Auger, François A.
Edited by: Lanza, Robert
Langer, Robert
Vacanti, Joseph
Abstract: This chapter will summarize the recent advances in the domain of tendon and ligament bioengineering. Tissue bioengineering raises con- siderable interest in the biological and medical fields, notably in or- thopedics. Indeed, ligaments and tendons are frequently targets of sport and aging trauma. Many clinical studies have strived to develop new therapeutical alternatives such as allografts and synthetic prosthesis. However, funcrional problems frequently arise despite some progress, since ligaments and tendons are subjected to significant mechanical stresses in vivo. This is particularly true at the sites of articulations: knees, elbows and shoulders.
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Issue Date: 30 January 2018
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This document was published in: Principles of tissue engineering
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