How to achieve early vascularization of tissue-engineered skin substitutes

Authors: Berthod, FrançoisGermain, LuciePouliot, RoxaneAuger, François A.
Abstract: Background: The coverage of deep and extensive burns with autologous tissue-engineered skin is a promising strategy to improve the cosmetic aspect and functionality of the skin, compared to the transplantation of simple epithelial sheets. Indeed, a dermal compartment could markedly help to prevent hypertrophic scar formation and to strengthen the dermal–epidermal junction while increasing skin suppleness and pliability. The Problem: The thickness of the dermis could be a limitation to the survival of the tissue after transplantation, since its vascularization can take up to 2 weeks to occur through neovascularization. This delay could lead to graft necrosis. Basic/Clinical Science Advances: To overcome this problem, the reconstruction of a preformed network of branching capillaries in the dermis before grafting has proven to be an efficient solution in connecting to the host’s vasculature in less than 4 days after grafting. The formation of this capillary-like network is achieved by the coculture of human fibroblasts and endothelial cells in a collagen sponge for a 1-month in vitro maturation period. The successful inosculation process between human capillaries and the host’s vasculature was demonstrated after grafting onto nude mice. Clinical Care Relevance: In addition to autologous epithelial sheets and splitthickness autografts, this endothelialized reconstructed skin made of the patient’s own cells could be a valuable additional strategy to permanently cover deep wounds. Conclusion: The reconstruction in tissue-engineered organs of a capillary-like network made of the patient’s own cells before grafting is a promising approach to promote their early vascularization.
Document Type: Article de recherche
Issue Date: 1 January 2010
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This document was published in: Tissue Engineering, Vol. 1, 445-450 (2010)
Mary Ann Liebert
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