Cultural adaptation of the nursing activities score to the French-Canadian context and reliability evaluation

Authors: Lachance, JoanieDouville, Frédéric; Oliveira, E. M. (Edilamar Menezes); Dallaire, Clémence; Oliveira, Arthur H. C.; Houle, JulieGallani, Maria Cecilia
Abstract: Background : Evaluating nursing activities in the direct care provided tool and intensive care unit (ICU) patient is important to better understand the intensity of care required by patient and then, to better distributes human and financial resources. The Nursing Activities Score (NAS) is a 23- item tool aimed at quantifying the nursing time in IUC patient direct care. Aim : The aim of this paper is to present the cultural adaptation of the NAS to the French-Canadian context and the results of the assessment of its reliability. Methods : Phase 1 of this methodological study was the cross-cultural adaptation of NAS and its tutorial as follows: translation, synthesis of translation, back-translation, evaluation by an expert committee, and pretest. In Phase 2, reliability was assessed according to the criterion of interrater agreement in three specialized ICUs, by three evaluators: one pair of nurses and one expert. Results : The total score exhibited an intra-class coefficient of 0.90, indicating a good overall agreement among the three judges. Concerning the items separately, Kappa-Fleiss coefficients indicated that 65% of the items (15/23) presented clear evidence of agreement. Items with lower levels of agreement were those with multiple-choice answers (i.e., monitoring; administrative tasks, hygiene, mobilization, support and care of relatives and patient) and some related to specific treatments. Conclusion : The French-Canadian version of the NAS and its tutorial were content validated by the target users. The evaluation of its reliability indicated a good overall agreement among judges for the total NAS score, but the multiple-choice items and some items related to specific interventions remain a challenge for the standardisation of scores among different users. The training of nurses for the NAS use is imperative for the accurate use of its tutorial and scoring. The evidence of the validation of this version will be the topic of a further publication.
Document Type: Article de recherche
Issue Date: 1 October 2018
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This document was published in: Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing, Vol. 29 (3), 32–38 (2018)
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