Post-installed shear reinforcement for concrete thick slabs

Authors: Fiset, MathieuBastien, Josée; Mitchell, Denis
Abstract: Many concrete bridges may be associated to a simple thick slabs structural system. With the increase in traffic loads and material degradation, some of these structures need to be strengthened in shear. The goal of this research is to study the behaviour of slabs strengthened with post-installed shear reinforcement and to provide an analytical method of design. The studied reinforcement methods consist in installing rebars into pre-drilled holes in the slab with different anchor systems. The first experimental results showed that shear-strengthened slabs can have failure loads 46% higher than an unstrengthened slab but 29% lower than the Canadian code prediction for conventional stirrups. The VecTor2 finite element analysis tool will be used to study the parameters influencing the slabs behaviour. The first experimental results and associated numerical models outcomes will be presented.
Document Type: Article dans une conférence
Issue Date: 22 July 2012
Open Access Date: 4 October 2017
Document version: VoR
This document was published in: Proceedings of The 9th fib International PhD Symposium in Civil Engineering, No. 9, 115-121 (2012)
KIT Scientific Publishing
Collection:Autres articles publiés

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