Waist circumference is useless to assess the prevalence of metabolic abnormalities in severely obese women

Auteur(s): Drapeau, VickyLemieux, IsabelleRichard, DenisBergeron, JeanTremblay, AngeloBiron, SimonMarceau, PicardMauriege, Pascale
Résumé: Background : The present retrospective study aims to provide additional evidence supporting the fact that waist circumference, in severe obesity, is not a good clinical marker to identify individuals with the metabolic syndrome or an altered metabolic profile. Methods : Relationships between waist circumference and metabolic profile of pre- (n = 165) and postmenopausal (n = 43) severely obese women were compared to associations observed in pre- (n = 52) and postmenopausal (n = 35) moderately obese women. Results : Results showed that abdominal obesity assessed by waist circumference was more highly correlated with fasting glycemia, HDL-cholesterol and the cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol ratio in moderately than in severely obese women, before menopause. After menopause, waist circumference was not a valuable predictor of metabolic abnormalities in both groups. Moreover, when waist circumference was included as a criterion of the metabolic syndrome (as defined by the NCEP ATP III guidelines) in severely obese women, the prevalence of this metabolic condition was over-estimated by 72%. Conclusion : These results emphasize the uselessness of waist circumference to assess the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome or an altered metabolic profile in severely obese women.
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Date de publication: 14 juillet 2007
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Ce document a été publié dans: Obesity Surgery, Vol. 17 (7), 905–909 (2007)
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