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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
24 August 2015Composition of exudates from meat drip loss and microbial spoilage differences between various pork quality classesMoura Rocha, Luiene; Faucitano, Luigi; Zagabe, Fidèle K.; De Castro, Ariane C.Article dans une conférenceOpen access
13 August 2012Hand-held lactate analyzer as a tool for the real-time measurement of blood lactate during slaughter and pork quality predictionMoura Rocha, Luiene; Dionne, A.; Martin, P. P.; Pommier, S.; Saucier, Linda; Mattanna, P.; Formighieri, R.; Nannoni, Eleonora; Faucitano, LuigiArticle dans une conférenceOpen access