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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1 September 2017The informational motor of Michel Serres : an architectonics of algorithmic reasoning and abstractionDoyle, Michael RobertArticle de rechercheUpon request
1 December 2017Transfer learning for sEMG hand gesture recognition using convolutional neural networksCôté Allard, Ulysse; Fall, Cheikh Latyr; Campeau-Lecours, Alexandre; Gosselin, Clément; Laviolette, François; Gosselin, BenoitArticle dans une conférenceOpen access
15 August 2017Intuitive adaptive orientation control of assistive robots for people living with upper limb disabilitiesVu, Dinh-Son; Côté Allard, Ulysse; Gosselin, Clément; Routhier, François; Gosselin, Benoit; Campeau-Lecours, AlexandreArticle dans une conférenceOpen access
1 December 2017A Questionnaire for the Evaluation of Physical Assistive Devices (QUEAD) : testing usability and acceptance in physical human-robot interactionSchmidtler, Jonas; Bengler, Klaus; Dimeas, Fotios; Campeau-Lecours, AlexandreArticle dans une conférenceOpen access
27 September 2017An anticipative kinematic limitation avoidance algorithm for collaborative robots : Three-dimensional caseLeBel, Philippe; Gosselin, Clément; Campeau-Lecours, AlexandreArticle dans une conférenceOpen access
22 November 2017Domination symbolique et individualisation des défenses : le milieu scolaire écopeMaranda, Marie-France; Viviers, SimonContribution à une conférenceOpen access
27 October 2017A WebGIS to support GPR 3D data acquisition : a first step for the integration of underground utility networks in 3D city modelsTabarro, Paulo; Pouliot, Jacynthe; Fortier, Richard; Losier, Louis-MartinArticle de rechercheOpen access
22 June 2017Traditional media still most trusted : canadian news consumers have embraced mobile devices and social media for their flx, but still view traditional outlets as the most trustworthy sourceCharlton, Sébastien; Brin, ColetteArticle de rechercheOpen access
22 June 2017S’informer en ligne : pratiques mobiles, valeurs traditionnellesBrin, Colette; Charlton, SébastienArticleOpen access
15 December 2017Éléments de réflexion sur le design et le managementBlum, GuillaumeArticle de rechercheOpen access