Evaluation of defects in panel paintings using infrared, optical and ultrasonic techniques

Auteur(s): Sfarra, Stefano; Theodorakeas, Panagiotis; Ibarra Castanedo, Clemente; Avdelidis, Nicolas P.; Paoletti, Alfonso; Paoletti, Domenica; Hrissagis, Kostas; Bendada, Abdelhakim; Koui, Maria; Maldague, X.
Résumé: The increasing deterioration of panel paintings can be due to physical processes that take place during exhibition or transit, or as a result of temperature and humidity fluctuations within a building, church or museum. In response to environmental alterations, a panel painting can expand or contract and a new equilibrium state is eventually reached. These adjustments though, are usually accompanied by a change in shape in order to accommodate to the new conditions. In this work, a holographic method for detecting detached regions and micro-cracks is described. Some of these defects are confirmed by Thermographic Signal Reconstruction (TSR) technique. In addition, Pulsed Phase Thermography (PPT) and Principal Component Thermography (PCT) allow to identify with greater contrast two artificial defects in Mylar which are crucial to understand the topic of interest: the discrimination between defect materials. Finally, traditional contact ultrasounds applications, are widely applied for the evaluation of the wood quality in several characterization procedures. Inspecting the specimen from the front side, the natural and artificial defects of the specimen are confirmed. Experimental results derived by the application of the integrated methods on an Italian panel painting reproduction, called The Angel specimen, are presented. The main advantages that these techniques can offer to the conservation and restoration of artworks are emphasized.
Type de document: Article de recherche
Date de publication: 1 janvier 2012
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Lien permanent: http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11794/13131
Ce document a été publié dans: Insight - Non-Destructive Testing and Condition Monitoring, Vol. 54 (1), 21–27 (2012)
British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing
Autre version disponible: 10.1784/insi.2012.54.1.21
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