Surface and subsurface defects detection in impacted composite materials made by natural fibers, using nondestructive testing methods

Auteur(s): Sfarra, Stefano; Avdelidis, Nicolas P.; Ibarra Castanedo, Clemente; Santulli, Carlo; Theodorakeas, Panagiotis; Bendada, Abdelhakim; Paoletti, Domenica; Koui, Maria; Maldague, X.
Résumé: In the present study, infrared vision and optical nondestructive testing (NDT) techniques were applied for the evaluation of emerging defects after artificially impacting composite materials reinforced with natural fibers. The samples were manufactured using wool felts and jute fibers inserted in an epoxy matrix. Infrared vision was applied by means of pulsed thermography (PT) and square pulsed thermography (SPT), evaluating two different thermal stimulation procedures; while the algorithms referred to as principal component thermography (PCT) and pulsed phase thermography (PPT) were used in order to enhance the information retrieval from the respective thermographic inspections. For comparison purposes, near-infrared reflectography (NIRR) and transmittography (NIRT), as well as laser speckle imaging techniques were also included. Additionally, ultraviolet (UV) imaging technique was used on the laminates both as complementary approach and as reference for future inspections. Two particular zones highlighted by the latter technique were characterized using an XRF spectrophotometer revealing a reverse concentration of the Al, Si and Cl elements. The results produced from the above comparative study confirmed the synergy of the applied techniques and further indicated that the methodology followed in the present research work can be considered as an innovative approach for the characterization of eco-friendly laminates after an impact loading.
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Date de publication: 1 janvier 2014
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Ce document a été publié dans: International Journal of Composite Materials, Vol. 4 (5A), 1-9 (2014)
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