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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
15 March 2019The genetic and environmental etiology of shyness through childhoodMorneau-Vaillancourt, Geneviève; Dionne, Ginette; Brendgen, Mara; Vitaro, Frank; Feng, Bei; Henry, Jeffrey; Forget-Dubois, Nadine; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Boivin, MichelArticle de rechercheTemporarily restricted
31 January 2019Genetic and environmental influences on developmental trajectories of adolescent alcohol useZheng, Yao; Brendgen, Mara Rosemarie; Dionne, Ginette; Boivin, Michel; Vitaro, FrankArticle de rechercheTemporarily restricted
3 January 2019Effect of (Z)-Isomer Content on [11C]ABP688 Binding Potential in HumansSmart, Kelly; Cox, Sylvia M. L.; Kostikov, Alexey; Shalai, Aliaksandr; Scala, Stephanie G.; Tippler, Maria; Jaworska, Natalia; Boivin, Michel; Séguin, Jean R.; Benkelfat, Chawki; Leyton, MarcoArticle de rechercheTemporarily restricted