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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
11 July 2016Integrated cladding-pumped multicore few-mode erbium-doped fibre amplifier for space-division-multiplexed communicationsChen, Haoshuo; Jin, Cang; Huang, Bin; Fontaine, Nicolas K.; Ryf, Roland; Shang, Kuanping; Grégoire, Nicolas; Morency, Steeve; Essiambre, René-Jean; Li, Guifang; Messaddeq, Younès; LaRochelle, SophieArticle de rechercheOpen access
5 August 2016Moderators of treatment effects of a video-based cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia comorbid with cancerSavard, Josée; Savard, Marie-Hélène; Ivers, HansArticle de rechercheUpon request
2 May 2016Social representations and contextual adjustments as two distinct components of the Theory of Mind brain network : evidence from the REMICS taskLavoie, Marie-Audrey; Vistoli, Damien; Sutliff, Stephanie; Jackson, Philip L.; Achim, AmélieArticle de rechercheOpen access
8 September 2016A virtual reality avatar interaction (VRai) platform to assess residual executive dysfunction in active military personnel with previous mild traumatic brain injury : proof of conceptRobitaille, Nicolas; Jackson, Philip L.; Hébert, Luc J.; Mercier, Catherine; Bouyer, Laurent; Fecteau, Shirley; Richards, Carol L.; McFadyen, Bradford JamesArticle de rechercheOpen access
19 November 2016Juvenile rough-and-tumble play predicts adult sexual behaviour in American minkAhloy Dallaire, Jamie; Mason, GeorgiaArticle de rechercheOpen access
17 May 2016Play in juvenile mink : litter effects, stability over time, and motivational heterogeneityAhloy Dallaire, Jamie; Mason, GeorgiaArticle de rechercheOpen access
14 June 2016Somatic and vicarious pain are represented by dissociable multivariate brain patternsKrishnan, Anjali; Woo, Choong-Wan; Chang, Luke J.; Ruzic, Luka; Gu, Xiaosi; López-Sola, Mariná; Jackson, Philip L.; Pujol, Jesús; Fan, Jin; Wager, Tor D.Article de rechercheOpen access
10 March 2016Impact of traumatic brain injury on social cognition in adolescents and contribution of other higher order cognitive functionsTousignant, Béatrice; Jackson, Philip L.; Massicotte, Elsa; Beauchamp, Miriam; Achim, Amélie; Vera-Estay, Evelyn; Bedell, Gary; Sirois, KatiaArticle de rechercheOpen access
29 March 2016Atmospheric pressure plasma polymer of ethyl lactate: In vitro degradation and cell viability studiesLaurent, Morgane; Koehler, Julia; Sabbatier, Gad; Hoesli, Corinne A.; Ghérardi, Nicolas; Laroche, GaétanArticle de rechercheUpon request
18 March 2016RGD and BMP-2 mimetic peptides crosstalk enhances osteogenic commitment of human bone marrow stem cellsBilem, Ibrahim; Chevallier, Pascale; Plawinski, Laurent; Stone, E.; Durrieu, Marie-Christine; Laroche, GaétanArticle de rechercheOpen access