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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
6 October 2015A systematic review of patients’ experiences in communicating with primary care physicians : intercultural encounters and a balance between vulnerability and integrityRocque, Rhea; Leanza, Yvan RaffaeleArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 May 2015Cloudberry cultivation in cutover peatland : improved growth on less decomposed peat.Bussières, Julie; Rochefort, Line; Lapointe, LineArticle de rechercheOpen access
8 October 2015Responses of two understory herbs, Maianthemum canadense (Liliaceae) and Eurybia macrophylla (Asteraceae), to experimental forest warming : early emergence is the key to enhanced reproductive output.Jacques, Marie-Hélène; Lapointe, Line; Rice, Karen E.; Montgomery, Rebecca A.; Stefanski, Artur; Reich, PeterArticle de rechercheOpen access
30 September 2015My brain reads pain in your face, before knowing your genderCzekala, Claire; Mauguière, François; Mazza, Stéphanie; Jackson, Philip L.; Frot, MaudArticle de rechercheOpen access
8 June 2015Design, degradation mechanism and long-term cytotoxicity of poly(L-lactide) and poly(lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) terpolymer film and air-spun nanofiber scaffoldSabbatier, Gad; Larrañaga, Aitor; Guay-Bégin, Andrée-Anne; Fernandez, Jorge; Diéval, Florence; Durand, Bernard; Sarasua, Jose-Ramon; Laroche, GaétanArticle de rechercheOpen access
17 June 2015Using infrared and raman microspectroscopies to compare ex vivo involved psoriatic skin with normal human skinLeroy, Marie; Lefèvre, Thierry; Pouliot, Roxane; Auger, Michèle; Laroche, GaétanArticle de rechercheOpen access
18 June 2015Rapid nucleation of iron oxide nanoclusters in aqueous solution by plasma electrochemistryBouchard, Mathieu; Létourneau, Mathieu; Sarra-Bournet, Christian; Laprise-Pelletier, Myriam; Turgeon, Stéphane; Chevallier, Pascale; Lagueux, Jean; Laroche, Gaétan; Fortin, Marc-AndréArticle de rechercheOpen access
27 October 2015Invader disruption of belowground plant mutualisms reduces carbon acquisition and alters allocation patterns in a native forest herbHale, Alison N.; Lapointe, Line; Kalisz, SusanArticle de rechercheOpen access
24 October 2015Sustainable leaf harvesting and effects of plant density on wild leek cultivation plots and natural stands in Southern Quebec, CanadaDion, Pierre-Paul; Bussières, Julie; Lapointe, LineArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 November 2015Effects of intramuscular administration of folic acid and vitamin B 12 on granulosa cells gene expression in postpartum dairy cowsGagnon, Annie; Khan, Daulat Raheem; Sirard, Marc-André; Girard, Christiane; Laforest, Jean-Paul; Richard, François J.Article de rechercheUpon request