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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
29 December 2009Effects of scheduling applications of benomyl, captafol and chlorothalonil on ascochyta blight of lentilBeauchamp, Chantal Jeanne; Morrall, R. A. A.; Slinkard, A. E.Article de rechercheUpon request
29 December 2009Ascochyta lentis renamed Ascochyta fabae f. sp. lentisGossen, Bruce D.; Sheard, J. W.; Beauchamp, Chantal Jeanne; Sheard, J. W.; Morrall, R. A. A.Article de rechercheUpon request
1 April 2009Mechanism of action of N-phenyl-N'-(2-chloroethyl)ureas in the colchicine-binding site at the interface between a- and b-tubulinFortin, Sébastien; Wei, Lianhu; Moreau, Emmanuel; Labrie, Philippe; Petitclerc, Éric; Kotra, Lakshmi P.; C. Gaudreault, RenéArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 February 2009Human dicer C-terminus functions as a 5-lipoxygenase binding domainDincbas-Renqvist, Vildan; Pépin, Geneviève; Rakonjac, Marija; Plante, Isabelle; Ouellet, Dominique; Hermansson, Andreas; Goulet, Isabelle; Doucet, Johanne; Samuelsson, Bengt; Rådmark, Olof; Provost, PatrickArticle de rechercheUpon request
9 August 2009Existence of a microRNA pathway in anucleate plateletsLandry, Patricia; Plante, Isabelle; Ouellet, Dominique; Perron, Marjorie; Rousseau, Guy; Provost, PatrickArticle de rechercheUpon request
7 April 2009Actions microclimatique et environnementale des ouvrages d’art routiersConciatori, David; Brühwiler, Eugen; Dumont, André-GillesArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 October 2009Calculation of reinforced concrete corrosion initiation probabilities using Rosenblueth methodConciatori, David; Brühwiler, Eugen; Morgenthaler, StephanArticle de rechercheOpen access
26 November 2009Integrated structural stability analysis for preliminary open pit designGrenon, Martin; Hadjigeorgiou, JohnArticle de rechercheOpen access
3 November 2009Examining maladaptive beliefs about sleep across insomnia patient groupsCarney, Colleen; Edinger, Jack D.; Morin, Charles M.; Manber, Rachel; Rybarczyk, Bruce; Stepanski, Edward J.; Wright, Helen; Lack, LeonArticle de rechercheOpen access
7 May 2009The use of natural products for sleep: A common practice?Sánchez-Ortuño, M. Montserrat; Bélanger, Lynda; Ivers, Hans; LeBlanc, Mélanie; Morin, Charles M.Article de rechercheOpen access