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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1 October 2007Prévenir la différence Analyse d’une pratique pédiatrique « interculturelle »Leanza, Yvan RaffaeleArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 March 2007The kinesthetic and visual imagery questionnaire (KVIQ) for assessing motor imagery in persons with physical disabilities : a reliability and construct validity studyMalouin, Francine; Richards, Carol L.; Jackson, Philip L.; Lafleur, Martin; Durand, Anne; Doyon, JulienArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 April 2007Antimicrobial effects of alginate-based films containing essential oils on Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella typhimurium present in bologna and hamOussalah, Mounia; Caillet, Stéphane; Salmiéri, Stéphane; Saucier, Linda; Lacroix, MoniqueArticle de rechercheUpon request
27 October 2007N-Phenyl-N’-(2-chloroethyl)ureas (CEUs) as potential antineoplastic agents. part 3 : role of carbonyl groupMoreau, Emmanuel; Fortin, Sébastien; Lacroix, Jacques M.; Patenaude, Alexandre; Rousseau, Jean; C. Gaudreault, RenéArticle de rechercheOpen access
19 January 2007N-Phenyl-N'-(2-chloroethyl)urea analogues of combretastatin A-4: Is the N-phenyl-N'-(2-chloroethyl)urea pharmacophore mimicking the trimethoxy phenyl moiety ?Fortin, Sébastien; Moreau, Emmanuel; Lacroix, Jacques; Teulade, Jean-Claude; Patenaude, Alexandre; C. Gaudreault, RenéArticle de rechercheOpen access
5 November 2007A comparative molecular field and comparative molecular similarity indices analyses (CoMFA and CoMSIA) of N-phenyl-N'-(2-chloroethyl)urea targeting the colchicine-binding site as anticancer agentsFortin, Sébastien; Labrie, Philippe; Moreau, Emmanuel; Wei, Lianhu; Kotra, Lakshmi P.; C. Gaudreault, RenéArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 January 2007Regulatory RNAs : future perspectives in diagnosis, prognosis, and individualized therapyPerron, Marjorie; Boissonneault, Vincent; Gobeil, Lise-Andrée; Ouellet, Dominique; Provost, PatrickChapitre d'ouvrageUpon request
23 October 2007A design methodology for rock slopes susceptible to wedge failure using fracture system modellingGrenon, Martin; Hadjigeorgiou, JohnArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 January 2007Doing theory in first year contracts : the iceberg methodDevlin, Richard F.; Duggan, Anthony; Langevin, LouiseChapitre d'ouvrageOpen access
10 May 2007Modeling vacuum-contact drying of wood : the water potential approachDefo, Maurice; Cloutier, Alain; Fortin, YvesArticle de rechercheUpon request