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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
17 June 2019Milkweed scaffold : a new candidate for bone cell growthSoulié, Simon; Bilem, Ibrahim; Chevallier, Pascale; Elkoun, S.; Robert, Mathieu; Naudé, Nicolas; Laroche, GaétanArticle de rechercheTemporarily restricted
8 June 2015Design, degradation mechanism and long-term cytotoxicity of poly(L-lactide) and poly(lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) terpolymer film and air-spun nanofiber scaffoldSabbatier, Gad; Larrañaga, Aitor; Guay-Bégin, Andrée-Anne; Fernandez, Jorge; Diéval, Florence; Durand, Bernard; Sarasua, Jose-Ramon; Laroche, GaétanArticle de rechercheOpen access
17 June 2015Using infrared and raman microspectroscopies to compare ex vivo involved psoriatic skin with normal human skinLeroy, Marie; Lefèvre, Thierry; Pouliot, Roxane; Auger, Michèle; Laroche, GaétanArticle de rechercheOpen access
18 June 2015Rapid nucleation of iron oxide nanoclusters in aqueous solution by plasma electrochemistryBouchard, Mathieu; Létourneau, Mathieu; Sarra-Bournet, Christian; Laprise-Pelletier, Myriam; Turgeon, Stéphane; Chevallier, Pascale; Lagueux, Jean; Laroche, Gaétan; Fortin, Marc-AndréArticle de rechercheOpen access
14 November 2013Evaluation of an air spinning process to produce tailored biosynthetic nanofiber scaffoldsSabbatier, Gad; Abadie, Pierre; Dieval, Florence; Durand, Bernard; Laroche, GaétanArticle de rechercheOpen access
12 February 2014A comparative study between human skin substitutes and normal human skin using Raman microspectroscopyLeroy, Marie; Labbé, Jean-François; Ouellet, Marise; Jean, Jessica; Lefèvre, Thierry; Laroche, Gaétan; Auger, Michèle; Pouliot, RoxaneArticle de rechercheOpen access
23 January 2014Grafting of a model protein on lactide and caprolactone based biodegradable films for biomedical applicationsLarrañaga, Aitor; Guay-Bégin, Andrée-Anne; Chevallier, Pascale; Sabbatier, Gad; Fernández, Jorge; Laroche, Gaétan; Sarasua, José-RamónArticle de rechercheOpen access
23 September 2013Air-spun PLA nanofibers modified with reductively-sheddable hydrophilic surfaces for vascular tissue engineering : synthesis and surface modificationNa, Re Ko; Sabbatier, Gad; Cunningham, Alexander J.; Laroche, Gaétan; Oh, Jung KwonArticle de rechercheOpen access
13 April 2016Fibronectin-modified surfaces for evaluating the influence of cell adhesion on sensitivity of leukemic cells to siRNA nanoparticlesValencia-Serna, Juliana; Chevallier, Pascale; Bahadur K.C., Remant; Laroche, Gaétan; Uludağ, HasanArticle de rechercheOpen access
31 October 2013A fluorophore-tagged RGD peptide to control endothelial cell adhesion to micropatterned surfacesHoesli, Corinne A.; Juneau, Pierre-Marc; Chevallier, Pascale; Duchesne, Carl; Laroche, GaétanArticle de rechercheOpen access