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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)TypeAccès au document
1 octobre 1996Estimation of pulmonary artery pressure by spectral analysis of the second heart soundChen, Danmin; Pibarot, Philippe; Honos, George; Durand, Louis-GillesArticle de rechercheSur demande
1 janvier 1993Effects of altering heart rate and P-R interval on closure sounds produced by a bioprosthetic heart valve in a dogPibarot, Philippe; Durand, Louis-Gilles; Langlois, Yves; Lanthier, Thérèse; Coppens, Patrick; Carioto, Suzanne; Pellerin, F.; Bertrand-Bradley, S.Article de rechercheSur demande
1 mars 1998Impact of prosthesis-patient mismatch on hemodynamic and symptomatic status, morbidity and mortality after aortic valve replacement with a bioprosthetic heart valve.Pibarot, Philippe; Dumesnil, Jean G.; Lemieux, Michel; Cartier, Paul C.; Métras, Jacques; Durand, Louis-GillesArticle de rechercheLibre accès
1 janvier 1995Substitution of left ventricular outflow tract diameter with prosthesis size is inadequate for calculation of the aortic prosthetic valve area by the continuity equation.Pibarot, Philippe; Honos, George; Durand, Louis-Gilles; Dumesnil, Jean G.Article de rechercheSur demande
1 novembre 1999Hemodynamic and physical performance during maximal exercise in patients with an aortic bioprosthetic valve : comparison of stentless versus stented bioprosthesesPibarot, Philippe; Dumesnil, Jean G.; Jobin, Jean; Cartier, Paul C.; Honos, George; Durand, Louis-GillesArticle de rechercheSur demande
15 février 1999Usefulness of the indexed effective orifice area at rest in predicting an increase in gradient during maximum exercise in patients with a bioprosthesis in the aortic valve positionPibarot, Philippe; Dumesnil, Jean G.; Jobin, Jean; Lemieux, Michel; Honos, George; Durand, Louis-GillesArticle de rechercheSur demande
1 juillet 1995Cardiorespiratory effects of hemic versus nonhemic prime during and immediately following mitral valve replacement in dogsPibarot, Philippe; Lanthier, Thérèse; Durand, Louis-Gilles; Langlois, Yves; Lussier, Bertrand; Coppens, PaulArticle de rechercheLibre accès