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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2 June 2010The marvel of percutaneous cardiovascular devices in the elderlyGuidoin, Robert; Douville, Yvan; Clavel, Marie-Annick; Zhang, Ze; Nutley, Mark; Pibarot, Philippe; Dionne, GuyArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 September 2010Optimization of Doppler echocardiographic velocity measurements using an automatic contour detection method.Gaillard, Emmanuel; Kadem, Lyes; Clavel, Marie-Annick; Pibarot, Philippe; Durand, Louis-GillesArticle de rechercheUpon request
27 April 2010Metabolic syndrome is associated with more pronounced impairment of left ventricle geometry and function in patients with calcific aortic stenosis : a substudy of the ASTRONOMER (Aortic Stenosis Progression Observation Measuring Effects of Rosuvastatin).Pagé, Anik; Dumesnil, Jean; Clavel, Marie-Annick; Chan, Kwan Leung; Teo, Koon Kang; Tam, James W.; Mathieu, Patrick; Després, Jean-Pierre; Pibarot, PhilippeArticle de rechercheUpon request
1 April 2010Validation of conventional and simplified methods to calculate projected valve area at normal flow rate in patients with low flow, low gradient aortic stenosis : the multicenter TOPAS (True or Pseudo Severe Aortic Stenosis) studyClavel, Marie-Annick; Burwash, Ian G.; Mundigler, Gerald; Dumesnil, Jean G.; Baumgartner, Helmut; Bergler-Klein, Jutta; Sénéchal, Mario; Mathieu, Patrick; Couture, Christian; Beanlands, Robert S. B.; Pibarot, PhilippeArticle de rechercheUpon request
9 November 2010Comparison between transcatheter and surgical prosthetic valve implantation in patients with severe aortic stenosis and reduced left ventricular ejection fractionClavel, Marie-Annick; Webb, John G. (John Graydon); Rodés-Cabau, Josep; Masson, Jean-Bernard; Dumont, Éric; De Larochellière, Robert; Doyle, Daniel; Bergeron, Sébastien; Baumgartner, Helmut; Burwash, Ian; Dumesnil, Jean G.; Mundigler, Gerald; Moss, Robert; Kempny, Aleksander; Bagur, Rodrigo Hernan; Bergler-Klein, Jutta; Gurvitch, Ronen; Mathieu, Patrick; Pibarot, PhilippeArticle de rechercheUpon request