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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)TypeAccès au document
10 juillet 2008IFATS Collection : using human adipose-derived stem/stromal cells for the production of new skin substitutesTrottier, Valérie; Marceau-Fortier, Guillaume; Germain, Lucie; Vincent, Caroline; Fradette, JulieArticle de rechercheSur demande
1 mars 2005Role of the extracellular matrix proteins in the resistance of SP6.5 uveal melanoma cells toward cisplatinBérubé, Mélanie; Giroux-Talbot, Mariève; Collin, Charles; Paquet-Bouchard, Carine; Germain, Lucie; Guérin, Sylvain; Petitclerc, ÉricArticle de rechercheLibre accès
28 décembre 2009A novel single-step self-assembly approach for the fabrication of tissue-engineered vascular constructsGauvin, Robert; Ahsan, Taby; Larouche, Danielle; Lévesque, Philippe; Dubé, Jean; Auger, François A.; Nerem, Robert M.; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheSur demande
22 avril 2009A novel cylindrical biaxial computer-controlled bioreactor and biomechanical testing device for vascular tissue engineeringZaucha, Michael T.; Raykin, Julia; Wan, William; Gauvin, Robert; Auger, François A.; Germain, Lucie; Michaels, Thomas E.; Gleason, Rudolph L.Article de rechercheSur demande
5 janvier 2009Tissue Engineering of Feline Corneal Endothelium Using a Devitalized Human Cornea as CarrierProulx, Stéphanie; Audet, Caroline; Uwamaliya, Jeanne d'Arc; Deschambeault, Alexandre; Carrier, Patrick; Giasson, Claude-J.; Brunette, Isabelle; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheSur demande
17 janvier 2009Transplantation of a tissue-engineered corneal endothelium reconstructed on a devitalized carrier in the feline modelProulx, Stéphanie; Bensaoula, Thouria; Nada, Ossama; Audet, Caroline; Uwamaliya, Jeanne d'Arc; Devaux, Angèle; Allaire, Guy; Germain, Lucie; Brunette, IsabelleArticle de rechercheSur demande
15 octobre 2008Applications of human tissue-engineered blood vessel models to study the effects of shed membrane microparticles from T-Lymphocytes on vascular functionPricci, Maria; Bourget, Jean-Michel; Robitaille, Hubert; Porro, Chiara; Soleti, Raffaella; Mostefai, Ahmed; Auger, François A.; Martinez, Carmen; Andriantsitohaina, Ramaroson; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheSur demande
1 juin 2009Impact of cell source on human cornea reconstructed by tissue engineeringCarrier, Patrick; Deschambeault, Alexandre; Audet, Caroline; Giroux-Talbot, Mariève; Gauvin, Robert; Giasson, Claude-J.; Auger, François A.; Guérin, Sylvain; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheLibre accès
9 juillet 2009Regulation of skin collagen metabolism in vitro using a pulsed 660 nm LED light source: clinical correlation with a single-blinded study.Barolet, Daniel; Roberge, Charles; Auger, François A.; Boucher, Annie; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheSur demande
27 décembre 2007Vibrissa hair bulge houses two populations of skin epithelial stem cells distinct by their keratin profileLarouche, Danielle; Tong, Xuemei; Fradette, Julie; Coulombe, Pierre A.; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheSur demande