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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
23 June 2012Neural processing of sensory and emotional-communicative information associated with the perception of vicarious painVachon-Presseau, Etienne; Roy, Mathieu; Martel, Marc-Olivier; Albouy, Geneviève; Chen, Jen-I; Budell, Lesley; Sullivan, Michael J. L.; Jackson, Philip L.; Rainville, PierreArticle de rechercheOpen access
11 May 2017Empathy in paediatric intensive care nurses part 2 : neural correlatesJackson, Philip L.; Latimer, Margot; Eugène, Fanny; MacLeod, Emily; Hatfield, Tara; Vachon-Presseau, Etienne; Michon, Pierre-Emmanuel; Prkachin, Kenneth M.Article de rechercheOpen access
14 November 2004How do we perceive the pain of others? : a window into the neural processes involved in empathyJackson, Philip L.; Meltzoff, Andrew N.; Decety, JeanArticle de rechercheUpon request
10 January 2006Neural circuits involved in imitation and perspective-takingJackson, Philip L.; Meltzoff, Andrew N.; Decety, JeanArticle de rechercheOpen access
25 May 2010Brain responses to facial expressions of pain : emotional or motor mirroring?Budell, Lesley; Jackson, Philip L.; Rainville, PierreArticle de rechercheUpon request
8 September 2004The neural bases of cooperation and competition : an fMRI investigationDecety, Jean; Jackson, Philip L.; Sommerville, Jessica A.; Chaminade, Thierry; Meltzoff, Andrew N.Article de rechercheUpon request