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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1 June 2020Transportation in the melting Artic : contrasting views of shipping and railway developmentLasserre, Frédéric; Têtu, Pierre-LouisRapport de rechercheOpen access
9 June 2020The emergence of trans-asian rail freight traffic as part of the belt and road initiative : development and limitsLasserre, Frédéric; Huang, Linyan; Mottet, ÉricArticle de rechercheTemporarily restricted
1 May 2020A european shipping companies survey on arctic shipping : expectation vs. realityFournier, Mélanie; Lasserre, Frédéric; Beveridge, Leah; Têtu, Pierre-LouisRapport de rechercheOpen access
3 February 2020The geopolitics of transportation in the melting ArcticLasserre, Frédéric; Têtu, Pierre-LouisChapitre d'ouvrageTemporarily restricted
5 April 2020Géopolitique des ressources naturelles : les clivages de la société canadienne face aux projets d’oléoducsLasserre, Frédéric; Roudier, Lucie; Têtu, Pierre-LouisArticle de rechercheOpen access
2020Arctic shipping and polar seawaysBabin, Julie; Lasserre, Frédéric; Pic, PaulineChapitre d'ouvrageTemporarily restricted
12 January 2020Chine. Le déploiement des projets d’infrastructures de l’ « Initiative Belt and Road ». Une stratégie opportuniste ?Courmont, Barthélémy; Mottet, Éric; Lasserre, FrédéricArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 January 2020Modeling the profitability of liner Arctic shippingLasserre, FrédéricChapitre d'ouvrageTemporarily restricted
11 September 2019The evolution and relative competitiveness of global Arctic cruise tourism destinationsTêtu, Pierre-Louis; Dawson, Jackie; Lasserre, FrédéricChapitre d'ouvrageTemporarily restricted
1 January 2020Compared transit traffic analysis along the NSR and the NWP.Lasserre, Frédéric; Meng, Qiang; Zhou, Chuanbei; Têtu, Pierre-Louis; Alexeeva, Olga V.Chapitre d'ouvrageTemporarily restricted