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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1 April 2012Numerical modeling of the medium-density fiberboard hot pressing process. Part 1, Coupled heat and mass transfer modelKavazović, Zanin; Deteix, Jean; Cloutier, Alain; Fortin, AndréArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 July 2012Numerical modeling of the medium-density fiberboard hot pressing process.Part 2, Coupled mechanical and heat and mass transfer modelsKavazović, Zanin; Deteix, Jean; Fortin, André; Cloutier, AlainArticle de rechercheOpen access
24 October 2016Analysis of a large rock slope failure on the east wall of the LAB Chrysotile Mine in Canada: back analysis, Impact of water infilling and mining activityGrenon, Martin; Caudal, Philippe; Amoushahi, Sina; Turmel, Dominique; Locat, JacquesArticle de rechercheOpen access
6 April 2016Thermal properties of duck fatty liver (foie gras) productsSanchez Carrillo, Felipe; Saucier, Linda; Ratti, CristinaArticle de rechercheUpon request
1 January 2016Development, implementation, and validation of a generic nutrient recovery model (NRM) libraryVaneeckhaute, Céline; Claeys, Filip A.H.; Tack, Filip; Meers, Erik; Belia, Evangelia; Vanrolleghem, Peter A.Article de rechercheOpen access
20 July 2016Object-oriented tracking of the dynamic behavior of urban heat islandsZhu, Rui; Guilbert, Eric; Wong, Man SingArticle de rechercheOpen access
23 September 2016Impacts of intraguild predation on Arctic copepod communitiesDufour, Karolane; Maps, Frédéric; Plourde, Stéphane; Joly, Pierre; Cyr, FrédéricArticle de rechercheOpen access
12 November 2015Modelling the regional variability of the probability of high trihalomethane occurrence in municipal drinking waterCool, Geneviève; Lebel, Alexandre; Sadiq, Rehan; Rodriguez-Pinzon, Manuel J.Article de rechercheUpon request
1 October 2015Controlled approximation of the value function in stochastic dynamic programming for multi-reservoir systemsZéphyr, Luckny; Lang, Pascal; Lamond, BernardArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 July 2016Exact expressions for vector mode cutoff in three-layer step-index fibersBrunet, Charles; Bélanger, Pierre-André; Rusch, LeslieArticle de rechercheOpen access