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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
19 February 2013Functional genomic screening identifies dual leucine zipper kinase as a key mediator of retinal ganglion cell deathWelsbie, Derek S.; Yang, Zhiyong; Ge, Yan; Mitchella, Katherine L.; Zhoua, Xinrong; Martine, Scott E.; Berlinickea, Cynthia A.; Hackler, Laszlo; Fuller, John; Fu, Jie; Caog, Li-hui; Han, Bing; Hiraih, Syu-ichi; Germain, Lucie; Simard-Bisson, Carolyne; Blouin, Richard; Nguyeng, Judy V. Nguyeng; Davis, Chung-ha O; Enkea, Raymond A.; Boye, Sanford L.; Merbs, S.; Marsh-Armstrong, Nicolas; Hauswirth, William W. William W.; DiAntonio, Aaron; Nickells, Robert W.; Inglesee, James; Hanes, Justin; Yau, King-Wai; Quigleya, Harry A.; Zack, Donald J.Article de rechercheOpen access
10 August 2016Tissue-engineered tubular heart valves combining a novel precontraction phase with the self-assembly methodPicard-Deland, Maxime; Ruel, Jean; Galbraith, Todd; Tremblay, Catherine; Kawecki, Fabien; Germain, Lucie; Auger, François A.Article de rechercheUpon request
1 November 2016Improved methods to produce tissue-engineered skin substitutes suitable for the permanent closure of full-thickness skin injuriesLarouche, Danielle; Cantin-Warren, Laurence; Desgagné, Maxime; Guignard, Rina; Martel, Israël; Ayoub, Akram; Lavoie, Amélie; Gauvin, Robert; Auger, François A.; Moulin, Véronique; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 January 2016The ROVT Elan Valved Biplex Conduits for the Reconstruction of the Right Ventricular Outflow TractGuidoin, Robert; Fu, Yijun; Li, Bin; Weerasena, Nihal; Bourget, Jean-Michel; Paynter, Royston; Li, Xinxin; Lin, Jing; Wang, Lu; Qin, Boyin; Guzman, Randolph; Desaulniers, Denis; Dionne, Guy; Germain, Lucie; Zhang, ZeArticle de rechercheUpon request
1 January 2016The triplex BioValsalva prostheses to reconstruct the aortic valve and the aortic rootFu, Yijun; Li, Bin; Bourget, Jean-Michel; Bondarenko, Olexandr; Lin, Jing; Guzman, Randolph; Paynter, Royston; Desaulniers, Denis; Qin, Boyin; Wang, Lu; Germain, Lucie; Zhang, Ze; Guidoin, RobertArticle de rechercheUpon request
6 March 2015Mechanical properties of endothelialized fibroblast-derived vascular scaffolds stimulated in a bioreactorTondreau, Maxime; Laterreur, Véronique; Gauvin, Robert; Vallières, Karine; Bourget, Jean-Michel; Lacroix, Dan; Tremblay, Catherine; Germain, Lucie; Ruel, Jean; Auger, François A.Article de rechercheUpon request
1 January 2015A Floating Thrombus Anchored at the Proximal Anastomosis of a Woven Thoracic Graft Mimicking a Genuine Aortic DissectionLi, Bin; Liu, Bing; Fu, Yijun; Bondarenko, Olexandr; Verdant, Alain; Rochette-Drouin, Olivier; Lin, Jing; Bourget, Jean-Michel; Guzman, Randolph; Wang, Lu; Zhang, Ze; Douville, Yvan; Germain, Lucie; Jing, Zaiping; Guidoin, RobertArticle de rechercheUpon request
21 February 2014Comparison of the direct burst pressure and the ring tensile test methods for mechanical characterization of tissue-engineered vascular substitutesLaterreur, Véronique; Ruel, Jean; Auger, François A.; Vallières, Karine; Tremblay, Catherine; Lacroix, Dan; Tondreau, Maxime; Bourget, Jean-Michel; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheUpon request
11 June 2014Using human umbilical cord cells for tissue engineering : a comparison with skin cellsHayward, Cindy Jean; Fradette, Julie; Morissette Martin, Pascal; Guignard, Rina; Germain, Lucie; Auger, François A.Article de rechercheUpon request
10 October 2013Effect of intense pulsed light treatment on human skin in vitro : analysis of immediate effects on dermal papillae and hair follicle stem cellsLarouche, Danielle; Kim, Dong Hyun; Ratté, Gilles; Beaumont, C.; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheUpon request