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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
17 June 2011Comparative study of bovine, porcine and avian collagens for the production of a tissue engineered dermisParenteau-Bareil, Rémi; Gauvin, Robert; Cliche, Simon; Gariépy, Claude; Germain, Lucie; Berthod, FrançoisArticle de rechercheUpon request
28 February 2012Electric potential across epidermis and its role during wound healing can be studied by using an in vitro reconstructed human skinMoulin, Véronique; Dubé, Jean; Rochette-Drouin, Olivier; Lévesque, Philippe; Gauvin, Robert; Roberge, Charles; Auger, François A.; Goulet, Daniel; Bourdages, Michel; Plante, Michel; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheOpen access
25 January 2011A computer-controlled apparatus for the characterization of mechanical and viscoelastic properties of tissue-engineered vascular constructsLévesque, Philippe; Gauvin, Robert; Larouche, Danielle; Auger, François A.; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheUpon request
3 December 2010Considerations in the choice of a skin donor site for harvesting keratinocytes containing a high proportion of stem cells for culture in vitroLavoie, Amélie; Fugère, Claudia; Fradette, Julie; Larouche, Danielle; Paquet, Claudie; Beauparlant, Annie; Gauvin, Robert; Têtu, Félix-Andre; Roy, Aphonse; Bouchard, Maurice; Genest, Hervé; Auger, François A.; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheUpon request
9 January 2018Tissue-engineered skin preserving the potential of epithelial cells to differentiate into hair after grafting.Larouche, Danielle; Cuffley, Kristine; Paquet, Claudie; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheUpon request
1 April 2011Corneal Endothelial Toxicity of Air and SF6Landry, Hubert; Aminian, Anahid; Hoffart, Louis; Nada, Ossama; Bensaoula, Thouria; Proulx, Stéphanie; Carrier, Patrick; Germain, Lucie; Brunette, IsabelleArticle de rechercheOpen access
12 March 2012Rescue of the transcription factors Sp1 and NFI in human skin keratinocytes through a feeder-layer-dependent suppression of the proteasome activityDuval, Céline; Gaudreault, Manon; Vigneault, François; Touzel-Deschênes, Lydia; Rochette, Patrick; Masson-Gadais, Bénédicte; Germain, Lucie; Guérin, SylvainArticle de rechercheUpon request
2 April 2011Mechanical properties of tissue-engineered vascular constructs produced using arterial or venous cellsGauvin, Robert; Guillemette, Maxime; Galbraith, Todd; Bourget, Jean-Michel; Larouche, Danielle; Marcoux, Hugo; Aubé, David; Hayward, Cindy Jean; Auger, François A.; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheUpon request
1 September 2011Dynamic mechanical stimulations induce anisotropy and improve the tensile properties of engineered tissues produced without exogenous scaffoldingGauvin, Robert; Parenteau-Bareil, Rémi; Larouche, Danielle; Marcoux, Hugo; Bisson, Francis; Bonnet, Adrien; Auger, François A.; Bolduc, Stéphane; Germain, LucieArticle de rechercheUpon request
16 June 2010Biaxial biomechanical properties of self-assembly tissue-engineered blood vesselsZaucha, Michael T.; Gauvin, Robert; Auger, François A.; Germain, Lucie; Gleason, Rudolph L.Article de rechercheUpon request