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1 June 2013Lipoprotein lipase in aortic valve stenosis is associated with lipid retention and remodellingMahmut, Ablajan; Boulanger, Marie-Chloé; Fournier, Dominique; Couture, Christian; Trahan, Sylvain; Pagé, Sylvain; Arsenault, Benoit; Després, Jean-Pierre; Pibarot, Philippe; Mathieu, PatrickArticle de rechercheUpon request
24 June 2014Bicuspid aortic valve : identifying knowledge gaps and rising to the challenge from the international bicuspid aortic valve consortium (BAVCon)Michelena, Hector I.; Prakash, Siddharth K.; Della Corte, Alessandro; Bissell, Malenka M.; Anavekar, Nandan; Mathieu, Patrick; Bossé, Yohan; Limongelli, Giuseppe; Bossone, Eduardo; Benson, D.Woodrow; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Isselbacher, Eric M.; Enriquez-Sarano, Maurice; Sundt, Thoralf M.; Pibarot, Philippe; Evangelista, Arturo; Milewicz, Dianna M.; Body, Simon C.Article de rechercheUpon request
11 March 2014P2Y2 receptor represses IL-6 expression by valve interstitial cells through Akt : implication for calcific aortic valve diseaseEl Husseini, Diala; Boulanger, Marie-Chloé; Mahmut, Ablajan; Bouchareb, Rihab; Laflamme, Marie-Hélène; Fournier, Dominique; Pibarot, Philippe; Bossé, Yohan; Mathieu, PatrickArticle de rechercheUpon request
11 February 2014Elevated expression of lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 in calcific aortic valve disease : implications for valve mineralization.Mahmut, Ablajan; Boulanger, Marie-Chloé; El Husseini, Diala; Fournier, Dominique; Bouchareb, Rihab; Després, Jean-Pierre; Pibarot, Philippe; Bossé, Yohan; Mathieu, PatrickArticle de rechercheUpon request
22 December 2013Mechanical strain induces the production of spheroid mineralized microparticles in the aortic valve through a RhoA/ROCK-dependent mechanism.Bouchareb, Rihab; Boulanger, Marie-Chloé; Fournier, Dominique; Pibarot, Philippe; Messaddeq, Younès; Mathieu, PatrickArticle de rechercheUpon request
21 August 2013Angiotensin receptor blockers are associated with reduced fibrosis and interleukin-6 expression in calcific aortic valve disease.Côté, Nancy; Mahmut, Ablajan; Fournier, Dominique; Boulanger, Marie-Chloé; Couture, Christian; Després, Jean-Pierre; Trahan, Sylvain; Bossé, Yohan; Pagé, Sylvain; Pibarot, Philippe; Mathieu, PatrickArticle de rechercheUpon request
1 December 2014Parathyroid hormone is associated with the LV mass after aortic valve replacementLaflamme, Marie-Hélène; Mahjoub, Haïfa; Mahmut, Ablajan; Boulanger, Marie-Chloé; Larose, Éric; Pibarot, Philippe; Mathieu, PatrickArticle de rechercheUpon request
1 December 2015Relationship between insulin-like growth factor binding protein-2 and left ventricular stroke volume in patients with aortic stenosis.Carter, Sophie; Capoulade, Romain; Arsenault, Marie; Bédard, Élisabeth; Dumesnil, Jean G.; Mathieu, Patrick; Pibarot, Philippe; Picard, FrédéricArticle de rechercheUpon request
16 February 2014Surgical treatment of bicuspid aortic valve disease : knowledge gaps and research perspectivesDella Corte, Alessandro; Body, Simon C.; Booher, Anna M.; Schaefers, Hans-Joachim; Milewski, Rita K.; Michelena, Hector I.; Evangelista, Arturo; Pibarot, Philippe; Mathieu, Patrick; Limongelli, Giuseppe; Shekar, Prem S.; Aranki, Sary F.; Ballotta, Andrea; Di Benedetto, Giuseppe; Sakalihasan, Natzi; Nappi, Gianantonio; Eagle, Kim A.; Bavaria, Joseph E.; Frigiola, Alessandro; Sundt, Thoralf M.Article de rechercheUpon request
14 August 2014Early development of calcific aortic valve disease and left ventricular hypertrophy in a mouse model of combined dyslipidemia and type 2 diabetes mellitus.Le Quang, Khai; Bouchareb, Rihab; Lachance, Dominic; Laplante, Marc André; El Husseini, Diala; Boulanger, Marie-Chloé; Fournier, Dominique; Fang, Xiang Ping; Kohen Avramoglu, Rita; Pibarot, Philippe; Deshaies, Yves; Sweeney, Gary; Mathieu, Patrick; Marette, AndréArticle de rechercheUpon request