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31 October 2013A fluorophore-tagged RGD peptide to control endothelial cell adhesion to micropatterned surfacesHoesli, Corinne A.; Juneau, Pierre-Marc; Chevallier, Pascale; Duchesne, Carl; Laroche, GaétanArticle de rechercheOpen access
6 December 2013Correlation between the plasma characteristics and the surface ‎chemistry of plasma-treated polymers through partial least ‎squares analysisMavadat, Maryam; Ghasemzadeh-Barvarz, Massoud; Turgeon, Stéphane; Duchesne, Carl; Laroche, GaétanArticle de rechercheOpen access
21 June 2013Characterization of the structure of human skin substitutes by infrared microspectroscopyLeroy, Marie; Lafleur, Michel; Auger, Michèle; Laroche, Gaétan; Pouliot, RoxaneArticle de rechercheOpen access
27 February 2013FTIR-ATR spectroscopy in thin film studies : the importance of sampling depth and deposition substrateLaroche, Gaétan; Fitremann, Juliette; Gherardi, NicolasArticle de rechercheOpen access
27 October 2015Invader disruption of belowground plant mutualisms reduces carbon acquisition and alters allocation patterns in a native forest herbHale, Alison N.; Lapointe, Line; Kalisz, SusanArticle de rechercheOpen access
1 January 2016Reintroduction of salt marsh vegetation and phosphorus fertilisation improve plant colonisation on seawater-contaminated cutover bogsEmond, Catherine; Lapointe, Line; Hogue-Hugron, Sandrine; Rochefort, LineArticle de rechercheOpen access
14 November 2017Thermal acclimation of leaf respiration as a way to reduce source-sink imbalance at low temperature in Erythronium americanum, a spring ephemeral.Dong, Yanwen; Gérant, Dominique; Lapointe, LineArticle de rechercheOpen access
1974Une pédagogie de l'enseignement de la lectureDeschênes, IrèneMémoire de maîtriseOpen access
13 May 2016Light acclimation strategies change from summer green to spring ephemeral as wild-leek plants ageDion, Pierre-Paul; Brisson, Jacques; Fontaine, Bastien; Lapointe, LineArticle de rechercheOpen access
18 January 2016Linkage between exotic earthworms, understory vegetation and soil properties in sugar maple forestsDrouin, Mélanie; Bradley, Robert; Lapointe, LineArticle de rechercheOpen access