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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
15 October 2018Mitigating pattern dependent nonlinearity in SiP IQ-modulators via iterative learning control predistortionZhalehpour, Sasan; Shi, Wei; Rusch, Leslie; Lin, Jiachuan; Sepehrian, HassanArticle de rechercheOpen access
11 November 2016CMOS-photonics co-design of an integrated DAC-less PAM-4 silicon photonic transmitterSepehrian, Hassan; Shi, Wei; Yekani, Amin; Rusch, LeslieArticle de rechercheOpen access
10 May 2017Linearly polarized vector modes : enabling MIMO-free mode-division multiplexingWang, Lixian; Mirzaei Nejad, Reza; Corsi, Alessandro; Lin, Jiachuan; Messaddeq, Younès; Rusch, Leslie; LaRochelle, SophieArticle de rechercheOpen access
21 August 2017Active stability observer using artificial neural network for intuitive physical human–robot interactionSassi, Mohamed Amir; Otis, Martin J.-D.; Campeau-Lecours, AlexandreArticle de rechercheOpen access
30 September 2010Reactionless two-degree-of-freedom planar parallel mechanism with variable payloadCampeau-Lecours, Alexandre; Gosselin, ClémentArticle de rechercheUpon request
27 April 2018A multimodal adaptive wireless control interface for people with upper-body disabilitiesFall, Cheikh Latyr; Quevillon, Francis; Blouin, Martine; Latour, Simon; Campeau-Lecours, Alexandre; Gosselin, Clément; Gosselin, BenoitArticle de rechercheUpon request
1 November 2013A Friendly beast of burden : a human-assistive robot for handling large payloadsGosselin, Clément; Laliberté, Thierry; Mayer-St-Onge, Boris; Foucault, Simon; Campeau-Lecours, Alexandre; Duchaine, Vincent; Paradis, Noémie; Gao, Dalong; Menassa, RolandArticle de rechercheUpon request
21 December 2016A wireless sEMG-based body-machine interface for assistive technology devicesFall, Cheikh Latyr; Gagnon-Turcotte, Gabriel; Rioux-Dubé, Jean-François; Gagné, Jean Simon; Delisle, Yanick; Campeau-Lecours, Alexandre; Gosselin, Clément; Gosselin, BenoitArticle de rechercheOpen access
19 April 2017An articulated assistive robot for intuitive hands-on-payload manipulationCampeau-Lecours, Alexandre; Belzile, Pierre-Luc; Laliberté, Thierry; Foucault, Simon; Mayer-St-Onge, Boris; Gao, Dalong; Gosselin, ClémentArticle de rechercheTemporarily restricted
1 March 2015On the effects of a firm's size, a sector's technology intensiveness, and propensity to innovation on the adoption of advanced technologies : the case manufacturing SMEsRhaiem, KhalilArticle de rechercheUpon request