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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
22 October 2016Echocardiographic assessment of aortic stenosis severity: do not rely on a single parameterClavel, Marie-AnnickÉditorialOpen access
12 May 2017Therapeutic management of low-gradient aortic stenosis : first assess the state of the Schrödinger cat before making a decisionClavel, Marie-AnnickÉditorialOpen access
15 October 2015Editorial : mental practice : clinical and experimental research in imagery and action observationIetswaart, Magdalena; Butler, Andrew John; Jackson, Philip L.; Edwards, MartinÉditorialOpen access
1 December 2010EditorialSawchuk, Kim; Brin, ColetteÉditorialOpen access
16 December 2005The challenges of adapting theory to practiceGoulet, ClaudeÉditorialUpon request
1 January 2017Pour de nouvelles études sur les acteurs religieux africains à l’ère du numériqueMillet-Mouity, Pamela; Madore, FrédérickÉditorialOpen access
8 December 2015Editorial : improving the data reproducibility and general interest of natural product submissionsMarceau, François; Abe, Fuminori; Talmadge, James E.ÉditorialOpen access
1 February 2012Definition of acute insomnia : diagnostic and treatment implicationsMorin, Charles M.ÉditorialOpen access
20 June 2013Insomnia and healthcare-seeking behaviors : impact of case definitions, comorbidity, and sociodemographic and cultural factorsMorin, Charles M.; Jarrin, Denise C.ÉditorialOpen access
15 October 2012Self-regulation, motivation, and psychosocial factors in weight managementTeixeira, Pedro J.; Mata, Jutta; Williams, Geoffrey C.; Gorin, Amy A.; Lemieux, SimoneÉditorialOpen access