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4 February 2019How do we reconcile echocardiography, computed tomography, and hybrid imaging in assessing discordant grading of aortic stenosis severity?Delgado, Victoria; Clavel, Marie-Annick; Hahn, Rebecca T.; Gillam, Linda; Bax, Jeroen; Sengupta, Partho P.; Pibarot, PhilippeArticle de rechercheOpen access
22 October 2016Echocardiographic assessment of aortic stenosis severity: do not rely on a single parameterClavel, Marie-AnnickÉditorialOpen access
22 July 2019Staging cardiac damage in patients with asymptomatic aortic valve stenosisTastet, Lionel; Tribouilloy, Christophe; Maréchaux, Sylvestre; Vollema, E. Mara; Delgado, Victoria; Salaun, Erwan; Shen, Mylène; Capoulade, Romain; Clavel, Marie-Annick; Arsenault, Marie; Bédard, Élisabeth; Bernier, Mathieu; Beaudoin, Jonathan; Narula, Jagat; Lancellotti, Patrizio; Bax, Jeroen J.; Généreux, Philippe; Pibarot, PhilippeArticle de rechercheOpen access
28 November 2006Impact of anesthesia on echocardiographic evaluation of systolic and diastolic function in ratsPlante, Éric; Lachance, Dominic; Roussel, Élise; Drolet, Marie-Claude; Arsenault, Marie; Couët, JacquesArticle de rechercheOpen access
3 October 2016High-flavanol and high-theobromine versus low-flavanol and low-theobromine chocolate to improve uterine artery pulsatility index: a double blind randomized clinical trialBujold, Emmanuel; Leblanc, Vicky; Lavoie-Lebel, Élise; Babar, Asma; Girard, Mario; Poungui, Lionel; Blanchet, Claudine; Marc, Isabelle; Lemieux, Simone; Abdous, Belkacem; Anassour-Laouan-Sidi, Elhadji; Dodin-Dewailly, SylvieArticle de rechercheOpen access
29 September 2016Prosthesis-patient mismatch after aortic valve replacementDahou, Abdellaziz; Mahjoub, Haïfa; Pibarot, PhilippeArticle de rechercheUpon request
1 October 2016Doppler echocardiographic quantitation of aortic valve stenosis : a science in constant evolutionPibarot, Philippe; Clavel, Marie-AnnickArticle de rechercheUpon request
1 October 2002Mitral annulus velocities by doppler tissue imaging : practical implications with regard to preload alterations, sample position, and normal valuesDumesnil, Jean G.; Paulin, Chantal; Pibarot, Philippe; Coulombe, Denis; Arsenault, MarieArticle de rechercheUpon request
22 February 2000Assessment of aortic valve stenosis severity : a new index based on the energy loss conceptGarcia, Damien; Pibarot, Philippe; Dumesnil, Jean G.; Sakr, Frédéric; Durand, Louis-GillesArticle de rechercheUpon request
20 August 2009Usefulness of NT-pro BNP monitoring to identify echocardiographic responders following cardiac resynchronization therapyMagne, Julien; Dubois, Michelle; Champagne, Jean; Dumesnil, Jean G.; Pibarot, Philippe; Philippon, François; O'Hara, Gilles; Sénéchal, MarioArticle de rechercheOpen access