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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
21 March 2013Functional and structural aging of the speech sensorimotor neural system : fMRI evidenceTremblay, Pascale; Dick, Anthony Steven; Small, Steven L.Article de rechercheOpen access
28 May 2013The neostriatum and response selection in overt sentence production : an fMRI studyArgyropoulos, Georgios P.; Tremblay, Pascale; Small, Steven LawrenceArticle de rechercheOpen access
11 April 2009A mediating role of the premotor cortex in phoneme segmentationSato, Marc; Tremblay, Pascale; Gracco, Vincent L.Article de rechercheOpen access
1 March 2020The bidirectional association between maternal speech and child characteristicsMimeau, Catherine; Cantin, Édith; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Boivin, Michel; Dionne, GinetteArticle de rechercheOpen access
21 November 2019Winter accumulation of methane and its variable timing of release from thermokarst lakes in subarctic peatlands.Matveev, Alex; Laurion, Isabelle; Vincent, Warwick F.Article de rechercheOpen access
29 October 2012Processing of speech and non-speech sounds in the supratemporal plane : auditory input preference does not predict sensitivity to statistical structureTremblay, Pascale; Baroni, Marco; Hasson, UriArticle de rechercheOpen access
19 October 2018Desingularization and dequalification : a foray into ranking production and utilization processesPicard, Claire-France; Durocher, Sylvain; Gendron, YvesArticle de rechercheOpen access
11 May 2020Atmospheric carbon sequestration in ultramafic mining residues and impacts on leachate water chemistry at the Dumont Nickel Project, Quebec, CanadaGras, Antoine; Beaudoin, Georges; Molson, John; Plante, BenoîtArticle de rechercheOpen access
3 March 2017Response by Simard et al to letter regarding article, "Sex-related discordance between aortic valve calcification and hemodynamic severity of aortic stenosis : is valvular fibrosis the explanation?"Simard, Louis; Côté, Nancy; Mathieu, Patrick; Clavel, Marie-AnnickLettre à l'éditeurOpen access
22 May 2019Beyond the A-layer : adsorption of lipopolysaccharides and characterization of bacteriophage-insensitive mutants of Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicidaPaquet, Valérie; Vincent, Antony; Moineau, Sylvain; Charette, SteveArticle de rechercheOpen access