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chapitre d'ouvrage


chapitre d'ouvrage


A defined chapter or section of a book, usually with a separate title or number. [Source: http://purl.org/spar/fabio/BookChapter]

Terme retenu

capítulo de libro
Teil eines Buches
book part
chapitre d'ouvrage
capitolo di libro

Terme alternatif

book chapter
chapter in book
capitulo de libro
parte de libro
chapitre de livre
partie d'ouvrage

Terme spécifique


Terme générique

Terme relié

Broad Match: http://purl.org/eprint/type/Book
Exact Match: http://purl.org/spar/fabio/BookChapter
Exact Match: http://purl.org/eprint/type/BookItem

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  • PublicationAccès libre
    Advanced supply chain planning systems (APS) today and tomorrow
    (IntechOpen, 2011-08-01) Frayret, Jean-Marc; Santa-Eulalia, Luis-Antonio; Azevedo, Rodrigo Cambiaghi; Menegusso, Cláudio César; D'Amours, Sophie
  • PublicationRestreint
    Framework for value chain optimization of forest networks in the emerging canadian bioeconomy
    (CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016-09-01) Carle, Marc-André; D'Amours, Sophie; Gunn, Eldon A.; Pulkki, R. E.
  • PublicationRestreint
    Chaînes de création de valeur
    (Éditions MultiMondes, 2009-01-01) Martel, Alain; Frayret, Jean-Marc; Gaudreault, Jonathan; D'Amours, Sophie; LeBel, Luc
  • PublicationRestreint
    Decisions and methodology for planning the wood fibre flow in the forest supply chain
    (Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, 2008) Carlsson, Dick; Martel, Alain; Rönnqvist, Mikael; D'Amours, Sophie
    The wood fibre based product industry is one of the most important for countries such as Sweden, Finland, Russia and Canada.
  • PublicationRestreint
    Business models for collaborative planning in transportation : an application to wood products
    (Springer, 2007-01-01) Rönnqvist, Mikael; Audy, Jean-François.; D'Amours, Sophie
    Transportation is an important part of the wood fibre flow chain in forestry. There are often several forest companies operating in the same region and coordination between two or more companies is however rare. Latelv, the interest in collaborative transportation planning to support co-ordination has risen since important potential savings have been identified. Even though substantial savings can be realized, it seems that companies' willingness to collaborate is tightly linked to a business model driven by one or many leaders. In this paper, we study a specific business model where one company leads the development of the coalition. The impact of different behaviours of the leading company (i.e. altruistic, opportunistic) is illustrated using an industrial case study of eight forest companies.
  • PublicationRestreint
    (Taylor & Francis Group, 2016-09-01) Feng, Yan; Ouhimmou, Mustapha; Audy, Jean-François.
  • PublicationRestreint
    Operations research in forestry and forest products industry
    (J. Wiley, 2011-02-15) Rönnqvist, Mikael; Epstein, Rafael; D'Amours, Sophie; Weintraub, Andrés
    Over the years, operational research (OR) has been used extensively to support the forest products industry and public forestry organizations in their respective planning activities concerning the flow of wood fiber from the forest to the customer. The planning decisions range from long-term strategic planning decisions related to forest management or company development to very short-term operational decisions, such as planning for real-time log/chip transportation or cutting. This chapter presents an overview of the different planning problems and explains how these are solved in the field of forestry using operational research.
  • PublicationRestreint
    Strategic Transformation of the Forest Industry Value Chain
    (CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016-09-01) Diffo Téguia, Cédric; D'Amours, Sophie; Chambost, Virginie; Sanaei, Shabnam; Stuart, Paul R.
  • PublicationRestreint
    An agent simulation model for the Québec forest supply chain
    (Springer, 2004-11-21) Moyaux, Thierry; D'Amours, Sophie; Chaib-Draa, Brahim
    A supply chain is a network of companies producing and distributing products to end-consumers. The Québec Wood Supply Game (QWSG) is a board game designed to teach supply chain dynamics. The QWSG provides the agent model for every company in our simulation. The goal of this paper is to introduce this simulation model. For this purpose, we first outline the QWSG, and then describe with mathematical equations each company in our simulation. Finally, three examples illustrate the use of our simulation to study collaboration in supply chains. More precisely, we study incentives for collaboration at both the supply chain and company level.
  • PublicationAccès libre
    Design of multi-behavior agents for supply chain planning : an application to the lumber industry
    (IntechOpen, 2008-02-01) Frayret, Jean-Marc; Gaudreault, Jonathan; Forget, Pascal; D'Amours, Sophie