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chapitre d'ouvrage
A defined chapter or section of a book, usually with a separate title or number. [Source:]
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capítulo de libro
Teil eines Buches
book part
chapitre d'ouvrage
capitolo di libro
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book chapter
chapter in book
capitulo de libro
parte de libro
chapitre de livre
partie d'ouvrage
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  • PublicationRestreint
    Motivations for multi behavior agents in supply chain planning
    (Édition Tec & doc-Lavoisier, 2008-01-01) Frayret, Jean-Marc; Gaudreault, Jonathan; Forget, Pascal; D'Amours, Sophie
    In today’ industrial context competitiveness is closely associated to supply chain performance. Coordiantion between production partners is essential in supply chains to deliver products on time to final clients. As perturbations occur all the time, production centers have to react quickly correct deviances and create new plans, while coordinating changes with partners. Agent-based technology provides a natural approach to model supply chain networks and describe specialized planning agents. To coordinate and optimize their production plan, agents ue specify the heuristic parameters a priori, at the time of their design and prior to their use. The solution proposed here is to give agents the opportunity to change these parameters, modifying their planning behaviors following the environmental conditions met. Using simulation, agents can identify optimal team behaviors for the supply chain in different situations. This paper explains the methodology followed to experiment multi-behavior agents and presents results from an application to the lumber supply chain.
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    The role of myofibrolasts in normal skin wound healing
    (Nova Publishers, 2016) Moulin, Véronique
    Cutaneous myofibroblasts are cells that appear during normal wound healing when the wounded area requiring repair is significant. These cells differentiate from fibroblasts and, for many years, it was believed that their only role was to facilitate wound contraction to decrease the surface area to be reconstituted. However, it has recently been demonstrated that these specialized cells have numerous important roles owing to their capability to produce abundant extracellular matrix and to stimulate angiogenesis, functions that myofibroblasts have higher capacities for than fibroblasts. Similar to fibroblasts, myofibroblasts can also support epidermal growth and differentiation. The important aforementioned functions of myofibroblasts are supported by the production of secreted growth factors, but also by the production of microvesicles that stimulate the growth of endothelial and mesenchymal cells. Contrary to previous understanding, myofibroblasts play a central role during normal cutaneous healing.
  • PublicationAccès libre
    Changing arctic and subarctic marine environments and implications for human health
    (Université Laval, 2023-08-01) Lévesque, Keith; Gallais, Sophie
    Arctic and Subarctic marine environments are experiencing rapid and significant changes associated with climate warming. The drastic decrease in sea ice extent and thickness has important ramifications for physical, chemical and biological processes and energy dynamics of food webs. Changes in sea ice and the amount of light entering the upper ocean can significantly affect the growth of autotrophic single-celled algae and therefore the availability of essential biomolecules that are eventually incorporated into new biomass at higher trophic levels. Ice-free warmer waters and consequent changes in ocean currents have also been shown to drive the northward expansion of boreal species and the availability of essential fatty acids through novel interactions occurring in both bottom-up and top-down interactions. These changes in marine food webs and associated contaminant dynamics can lead to cascading effects on northern coastal communities that rely on country foods of high nutritional quality. This chapter gathers a selection of research results from the Sentinel North program that address interdisciplinary and ecosystem-level research questions that pertain to climate-related changes in primary production and food web dynamics, notably the availability and quality of essentials compounds; the trophic flux of energy through the major biota of Arctic and Subarctic marine ecosystems; and the role of marine country foods in contaminants exposure and human health.
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    Protein components of the microRNA pathway and human diseases
    (Springer Nature, 2008-10-13) Provost, Patrick; Perron, Marjorie
    MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are key regulators of messenger RNA (mRNA) translation known to be involved in a wide variety of cellular processes. In fact, their individual importance is reflected in the diseases that may arise upon the loss, mutation or dysfunction of specific miRNAs. It has been appreciated only recently that diseases may also develop when the protein components of the miRNA machinery itself are affected. The core enzymes of the major protein complexes involved in miRNA biogenesis and function, such as the ribonucleases III (RNases III) Drosha and Dicer as well as Argonaute 2 (Ago2), appear to be essential. However, the accessory proteins of the miRNA pathway, such as the DiGeorge syndrome critical region gene 8 (DGCR8) protein, Exportin-5 (Exp-5), TAR RNA binding protein (TRBP) and fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP), are each related, in various ways, to specific genetic diseases.
  • PublicationRestreint
    Mondialisation et sources du droit au Québec
    (Bruylant, 2018-01-11T20:26:39Z) Tremblay-Potvin, Charles; Cumyn, Michelle
  • PublicationAccès libre
    Postcolonial Open Access
    (Litwin Books, LLC, 2017) Piron, Florence
    Is open access the solution to many of the problems faced in the Global South by postcolonial universities, lacking the resources and capacity to subscribe to expensive scientific journals? In this chapter, drawing on an action-research project in Haiti and in Francophone Africa, I argue that this is not the case. On the contrary, open access can become a tool of neocolonialism if it only gives students and academics better access to science from the North. I conclude with recommendations to make open access an instrument of emancipation and cognitive justice in Africa and Haiti.
  • PublicationRestreint
    Adjusting livelihood structure in the Southeast Asian Massif
    (Amsterdam University Press, 2017-10-02) Michaud, Jean; Smyer Yü, Dan; Michaud, Jean
    The uplands east of the Himalayan range stretch over 10 countries, deep into Northeast India, Southwest China, and Mainland Southeast Asia. This region, which I call the Southeast Asian Massif, harbors high val-leys and mountain ranges where a staggering diversity of cultures and social systems have thrived or, according James C. Scott’s thesis, found a refuge against state inclusion. This chapter of fers a general introduction to these populations, focusing on geography, social structures, livelihood practices, relationships with the state and the lowlands, and current issues revolving around rampant modernization and forced inclusion to the global economic order.
  • PublicationAccès libre
    L’Honorable Charles D. Gonthier : une analyse jurisprudentielle quantitative comparée
    (LexisNexis, 2012-01-01) Belleau, Marie-Claire; Packwood, Annie; Johnson, Rebecca
  • PublicationRestreint
    L’entrepreneuriat international : origines et perspectives
    (Presses de l'Université du Québec, 2017-01-01) Veilleux, Sophie
    Les PME sont perçues comme rapides en exécution et en décision, innovantes et spécialisées dans leur domaine. Les grandes entreprises sont indépendantes, crédibles, moins risquées et possèdent de nombreuses ressources internes. Ces différences font en sorte que les PME et les grandes entreprises se complètent parfois très bien. En ce sens, les grandes entreprises se tournent vers les PME pour bonifier leur portefeuille de produits, profiter de leur capacité à innover et épargner certains frais. À l’inverse, les PME s’intéressent aux grandes entreprises pour leur aptitude à s’internationaliser, leur crédibilité et pour le partage des coûts et des risques.
  • PublicationAccès libre
    La pratique des promises par correspondance : recommandations pour des réformes juridiques
    (Centre des études appliquées sur la famille, 2002-03-21) Belleau, Marie-Claire